Zilliqa Based Start-up PackagePortal Creates Innovative Solutions to Tackle COVID-19

PackagePortal, a distributed logistics start-up based on the Zilliqa blockchain, has decided to launch a contactless digital confirmation platform, to avoid physical contact while deliveries in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. In a tweet on Wednesday, PackagePortal founder and a founding member of Zillacracy, Zilliqa’s crypto community, JG Whitley, said that collecting signatures is no longer sanitary, and hence, a contactless platform was utterly needed.

In another tweet, Whitley said,

“We’ve decided to #launch an early alpha version, to offer a critical layer of #protection for delivery Drivers & customers now. The app allows users to scan a shipping label on their #package & provides a #digital signature as proof-of-receipt.”

Whitley further added that they had been working on something similar for over a year, which they were scheduled to launch this summer. “But COVID19 created an immediate need, that we can meet with what we have now. Keeping Supply Chain loops for Medical Supplies & eCommerce intact, means Essential Workers take risk,” he said.

The Coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 48,000 people, infecting 950,000+ in over 200 countries. The widespread doesn’t seem to be stopping down anytime soon and things are getting bad to worse. In such testing times, the most crucial part is the continuous and ample supply of medical equipment, which is why the initiative taken by PortalPackage is extremely important. Zilliqa took this moment to appreciate and acknowledge the PortalPackage team, via a tweet.

Trevor Holman

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