1 min ago

    For The Next Bull Market Moshnake, TRON And Loopring Could Provide You With the Best Chance!

    Cryptocurrencies offer a new way of thinking about money that can be more secure and efficient than traditional methods. In…
    Price Analysis
    27 mins ago

    Filecoin Succumbs From August Peaks; Can FIL Show Retracement Sign?

    Filecoin holds a $1,630,646,700 market capitalization retaining its 34th  position amongst the market leaders. The rundown effect of BTC moving…
    Price Analysis
    44 mins ago

    Zcash Price Analysis: ZEC Crypto Tries for a Recovery!

    Zcash gained prominence out of its features that defeated the anonymous promises of major cryptocurrencies. The ZEC token didn’t reveal…
    Price Analysis
    2 hours ago

    Shiba Inu Price Analysis: SHIB Trades Towards Crucial Price Range!

    Shiba Inu was created in 2020 to offer competition to Dogecoin. Both these meme coins depend mainly on community sentiment…
    3 hours ago

    Apple Allows Apps to Sell NFTs on the Apple App Store

    Apple recently announced allowing app providers to sell NFTs on its App Store. While app providers appreciated the news, they…
    3 hours ago

    Disney Looking for Lawyer to Execute NFT & DeFi Plans

    The Walt Disney Company recently announced looking for an expert transaction lawyer. The company aims to explore modern domains, such…
    4 hours ago

    Dollar Rises Against Indian Rupee and Six Other Peers

    The rupee is not exactly in freefall, but the bearish series does show that the Rupee is sliding down every…
    1 day ago

    Find Out Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC), And Fantom (FTM) Secrets

    Before investing in certain cryptocurrencies, you might want to ensure you understand everything about them. Many people simply invest in…
    3 days ago

    Big Eyes Coin to the Cryptocurrency Rescue Like Aave and Decentraland

    Since the creation of Bitcoin, there has been a significant influx of cryptocurrencies into the cosmos. Some of these coins,…
    3 days ago

    Supontis on the BNB Chain May be a Competitor for Harmony

    Supontis (PON) is a new cross-chain bridging solution on the BNB Smart Chain and could be a competition for Harmony,…

    Metaverse News

      4 days ago

      The First Wedding in Metaverse Concludes and Sandbox Celebrates the Happiness

      Clarence Chan and Joanne Tham married in the metaverse, courtesy of the partnership between The Sandbox, 1-Group, and Smobler Studios.…
      6 days ago

      Ford Filed Trademark Applications for NFTs & Virtual Cars

      The largest automaker in the US, Ford, recently surprised the industry by filing 19 trademark applications. The automobile giant followed…
      1 week ago

      Somnium Space WEB WORLDs Launched to Boost Metaverse Accessibility

      The very launch of Somnium Space WEB WORLDs and dedicating a custom game engine scene to it will ensure a…
      1 week ago

      USM.World Partners With BNBChain and 10 Other DeFi Protocols

      Creating a Web3.0 where control, security, wealth, and information are once more in the hands of the communities, and the…
      2 weeks ago

      The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Welcomes vEmpire’s Latest Gaming Title

      As the leading name, The Sandbox commands the attention of every metaverse enthusiast. The platform announced the release of its…
      2 weeks ago

      LaLiga and StadioPlus Strike a Global Licencing Agreement

      On September 13th, Vegas City Ltd announced the completion of a strategic licensing deal on a collaborative initiative in the…
      2 weeks ago

      Jinta Valley Social Hub Coming to The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3

      The Sandbox recently announced the Jinta Valley Social Hub exclusive coming to its Alpha Season 3. The release will allow…
      2 weeks ago

      USM.World Collaborates With DODO to Establish Base of Operations in Metaverse

      Driven by the Proactive Market Making (PMM) mechanism, DODO is a decentralized Trading Protocol for Web3 that USM.World (native coin:…