Aptos announces support for Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program

Aptos recently announced joining a partnership with Google Cloud. The collaboration will see Aptos extending its support to Google Cloud’s new Startup Program.

With Aptos’ assistance, Google Cloud will help Web3 startups get technical support and resources. This way, the emerging projects will develop infrastructures and bridge platforms to foster Web3.

Google Cloud has recently joined hands with 11 blockchain companies to establish its Web3 Startup Program. That is why it approached the L1 blockchain to bring Web3 to the mainstream audience. Currently, Google has confirmed its collaboration with names such as Alchemy, Aptos, Celo, Base, Hedera, Flow, Near, Nansen, Solana, Thirdweb, and Polygon.

With the Startup Program, Google will help Web3 projects to establish their communities in the early stages. It will also facilitate the evolution of DeFi apps (dApps), Web3 services, and more technologies.

Aptos released a string of official tweets to inform users about the collaboration. The tweet confirmed Aptos’ involvement with Google Cloud and how the parties will serve Web3 startups. Aptos also stated that the L1 blockchain aims to make Web3 a mainstream success.

That is why the network has decided to support the Support Program through Google Cloud. Aptos believes that this program is pivotal to bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2. Moreover, the program will drive progress and innovation in blockchain for decades.

Google Cloud and Aptos’ partnership goes a long way back. The parties joined hands in April 2022, with Aptos choosing Google Cloud as its first cloud partner in testnet. The partnership grew after Aptos received an overwhelmingly warm welcome into the industry.


Both companies have co-hosted hackathons and produced nodes together. Now, they are ready to launch a multi-million dollar program for Web3 builders and entrepreneurs. Given how close the companies are and how well they have performed together, their collaboration is expected to yield great results.

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