ForgottenChain Merges Chainlink Price Feeds for MMORPG Game

ForgottenChain is extremely excited and enthusiastically makes the official announcement of its interlinking itself with Chainlink Price Feeds, together with VRF, so that they can now effectively make the necessary changes, along with being in a position to be able to upgrade the MMORPG game sufficiently, wherever is essential.

The interlinking with Chainlink Price Feeds has been carried out on the BNB Chain mainnet, the most prime and efficient oracle network. Thus, the extremely beneficial scenario that opens up before them is that they are now poised to effectively connect with an upgraded BNB/USD price feed on-chain. This, in turn, will see them being able to propel the NFT trades and get the opportunity to place regulated and properly accounted prices in their marketplace, all of it done off-chain.

To understand and appreciate the situation ahead, it is necessary to delve more into what all ForgottenChain entails and its general involvement in its functions. The popular entity ForgottenChain is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, more often known as MMORPG. 

The narrative and contents of this very game are unique and exciting to play for all hues of gamers because the entire setup is based on the medieval period, accompanied by suitable surreal effects about the entire universe. It is filled with endless and highly intriguing situations and scenarios, which invariably keep all players glued to the game. 

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