Galaxia NEXT Partners Plan X Lab to Prevent NFT Theft

Galaxia NEXT and Plan X Lab have come together for something that has been bothering many users for a long time – the unauthorized theft of non-fungible tokens. Galaxia NEXT and Plan X Labs have signed an MoU wherein they commit to protecting NFTs issued through Meta Galaxia, an NFT marketplace.

An invisible code will be inserted into the non-fungible token to prevent theft. Additionally, the invisible code will also help to resolve issues related to copyright infringement. The work is currently in process. Once done, the invisible code will be inserted into membership and admission ticket NFTs.

Users can distinguish the original NFT by scanning it through a supported scanning program or application.

The collaboration further strengthens the mission of Galaxia to remain user-centric. It is based on Klaytn and acts as a means of payment & reward for services ranging across different categories. Galaxia plans to continue using the service in the future, especially when it launches more services through affiliation or self.

Galaxia aims to provide a consistent experience and performance by unifying all its services with Klaytn.

Klaytn enables Galaxia to apply wallet, membership, and cryptocurrency utilization processes through an interface it knows and trusts.

One of the most ambitious plans of Galaxia is to expand its economy by allowing users to access the platform online and offline. The aim is to increase the value and usability of the platform. For this purpose, the payments will be through online and offline payment affiliates.

Moreover, Galaxia is constantly looking to partner with more ventures to expand its application. The Metaverse ecosystem is a relevant target at the moment.

Blockchain is leading the way, with many platforms leveraging as many benefits as possible. These benefits are always passed on to the users, something Galaxia plans to do by storing all the important data and contents with a blockchain platform to keep its operations & processings transparent.

The merger of Galaxia NEXT with Plan X Lab follows Galaxia getting listed on Kaikas, the blockchain technology Klaytn Wallet of Kakao. This enables users to easily access Galaxia in their wallets by looking for GALAXIA or GXA as a keyword. The three enables wallets on the platform are:-

  • Kaikas
  • Klip
  • Meta Galaxia

The collaboration between Galaxia NEXT and Activation Solution Developer Plan X is noteworthy not just for the community but also for other NFT marketplaces that have been struggling with the issue of theft and copyright infringement.

Users, for now, will only be able to use scanning applications supported by Plan X. Galaxia is constantly looking to partner with more ventures. There is a chance that more scanning applications may come on board in the future.

Striving for development is at the core of the mission statement, with Galaxia entering various partnerships to achieve its mission.

Trevor Holman

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