Tether, Bitfinex, Hypercore-backed Holepunch launches Keet Mobile

Holepunch, which happens to be a completely encrypted platform, for the creation of peer-to-peer applications, came out with their official announcement of having launched Keet Mobile. This, in turn, happens to be a free peer-to-peer immediate messaging application. Incidentally, it is able to function minus the requirement for centralized setup on any device.

Keet Mobile in its own place, happens to be the beginning of a series of peer-to-peer applications through which it will be the people who will be having total command. Just like in the case scenario of the desktop version, Keet Mobile too happens to have been built on the Holepunch technology. This, in turn, happens to be a totally open-source peer-to-peer tech stack. In the case of the Keet Mobile alpha first release will be kept down to only texting, the audio and video calling version will be introduced soon enough. 

The conventional video chat apps happen to utilize cloud-oriented software or, at times, external servers, in the form of intermediaries for bringing together two persons or maybe more. However, in the case of the Keet Mobile, it is possible for the users to make a direct call to another’s computer, laptop, or, for that matter, mobile phone, minus a third-party intervention. This provides the opportunity for text, audio, or video chatting to happen minus the need for a central server.

According to the CTO of Tether and Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino, and the CSO of Holepunch, they are extremely pleased with the fact that they have been able to do away with the conventional idea surrounding mobile applications. In their viewpoint, the entire concept of having to involve tech firms in terms of private data sharing, just to enable speaking to another person, has now become absolutely defunct. Their firm belief is in users having financial freedom, coupled with the freedom to communicate. 

Holepunch happens to be supported by Tether Operations Limited and Bitfinex, which happens to be a prime cryptocurrency exchange. There is also Hypercore, which is a builder of peer-to-peer, upgradable and cryptographically able sound distributed systems. It was basically set up for the opening of doors to global communications and the boosting of freedom of communication. It also ensures that the control of data of the user remains with him. 


As per the CEO of Holepunch Inc., Mathias Buus, from the very beginning, it has been their aim and endeavour to carry on their progress in the field of a communication application. Now, with the introduction of Keet Mobile, they actually feel they have been able to make their own mark. The entire idea was also based on the fact that, according to them, it should be unnecessary to have other tech firms get involved in the personal data of users. In this regard, they feel, as of date, they have really been able to reach out and become a game changer.

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