iCandy introduces the Web3 game Snaky Cat on Base Chain

iCandy introduced Snaky Cat, a Web3 game, on Base Chain. This is Layer 2, nurtured by Coinase. Also in the picture is Animoca Brands, which is responsible for the design and execution of some integral factors related to the Web3 segments pertaining to Snaky Cat.

iCandy is incredibly proud of the fact that it has connected more than 370 million participants worldwide. It holds the position of the largest game developer in both Southeast Asia and Australia. Snaky Cat was created by Appxplore, a Malaysia-based affiliate studio of iCandy specializing in mobile games.

Snaky Cat is a multiplayer Web3 game in which players manage a unique cat with a snake-like structure. It requires food to grow. This play-to-earn crypto game is similar to previous snake-oriented games, which allows users to participate in a cryptocurrency prize pool based on TOWER tokens. The TOWER ecosystem also has its own utility token and a token for governance. At the moment, this encompasses Snaky Cat, Crazy Defence Heroes, Chaos Kingdom, and Crazy Kings.

Coinbase—the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the US—launched Base, an Ethereum L2 that is developer-friendly, safe, and inexpensive to attract the next billion users to the blockchain. Base’s quarterly trading volume is $92 billion.

Players commence Snaky Cat by being presented with a timer, which initiates a countdown that concludes once the timer expires. During this phase, players direct their cat and snake-like characters to ingest food that promotes the creature’s growth.

Competitors may compete to earn a unique powerup that grants them additional time. Additionally, they are tasked with outwitting other cats and stealing the morsels that others have abandoned. The objective is to ascend the leaderboard to acquire TOWER tokens by being the longest cat.

Before the game begins, participants will be asked to link their funds. Tickets are required to participate in a round and can be acquired with TOWER tokens.

Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, asserts that a token acquires additional functionalities and utility value akin to iCandy. They are delighted to have been granted the opportunity to contribute to the production of Snaky Cat.

Kin Wai Lau, group chairman of iCandy, stated that introducing Snaky Cat represents progress toward the company’s goal of establishing itself in the Web3 industry.

Jesse Pollak, the developer of Base, states that the objective is to attract more consumers to the blockchain. They find it inspiring to observe initiatives such as Snaky Cat establishing a connection with Base and enhancing on-chain gaming.

Since 2016, iCandy Interactive Limited has been a publicly traded video game company that is officially registered with the Australian Securities Exchange. The organization is headquartered in Melbourne and maintains a presence in both Germany and Southeast Asia.

Appxplore is a mobile game development company established in the Web3 gaming industry. It creates a diverse selection of mobile apps compatible with all major platforms.

Animoca Brands, a major participant in Web3, implements the open metaverse by introducing digital property rights to customers worldwide via blockchain technology.

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