Illuvial Hunting Prototype to come in 2024 Q2 on the Overworld

Illuvium recently announced its Illuvial Hunting Prototype to players. The feature will be released via a Public Open Beta in Q2 2024.

The announcement was made on the official Illuvium X/Twitter channel and website. The platform launched a 3-minute trailer on X while announcing the new feature. On the website, Illuvium talked about the upcoming update in brief.

The latest post stated that Illuvium is reshaping players’ experiences in the Overworld. The Illuvium team has been working on the Illuvial Hunting prototype for a while. Illuvium has recognized how it can improve user interactions in the Overworld. 

With Illuvial Hunting, rangers can witness a new and unique experience from the get-go. The Illuvium post shared on X shows early footage of the wonder in the upcoming update. It will be an exciting addition where rangers can track and capture the Illuvial they desire.

Although the prototype is in the early stages, it shows Illuvium’s commitment to producing AAA-quality experiences and products. It also exemplifies the team’s dedication to addressing challenges and creating intuitive experiences.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of unique possibilities is what Illuvium aims to achieve in the Web3 gaming industry. The Illuvium guide, a comprehensive resource for newcomers and veterans alike, delves into the intricate details of the game’s mechanics, lore, and tokenomics. Stay tuned for more updates about the prototype in the coming months, and explore the Illuvium guide to prepare for this immersive monster-collecting adventure!

It has only been a couple of weeks since the platform released Arena Beta 3 v0.3.4 back in January. Illuvium also worked on its Creator Rewards program along with Leaderboard Rewards in January 2024.

Now, with the latest announcement, the platform is gaining massive traction among gamers. Given how successful Illuvium’s updates have been so far, the Illuvial Hunting prototype is also expected to be a huge hit. 

Trevor Holman

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