MemeFlate Integrates ChainLink Keepers for Automation

ChainLink oracle’s services land a new integration this week with the Memeflate. The news about the partnership came from a blog post shared by the freelance marketplace on April 26. The platform would bring multiple ChainLink Services to the table, including the Verifiable Random Function, used in the daily raffle, and ChainLink Keepers to automate the current reward disbursement function. 

Some features and products of MemeFlate have already been integrated with these services. Now, the new partnership will increase its functionalities by expanding the integration. Moreover, as per the new agreement, ChainLink Keepers will help automate the rewards function in the DirtlifeTM NFT marketplace. The automation services will also be offered to MFT staking rewards. 

ChainLink Keepers is a decentralized smart contract automation function operated by professional developer teams. This function helps eliminate the risks involved in manually executing smart contracts. Critical functions on the blockchains can be performed by programming ChainLink Keepers for predefined conditions, like regular intervals or market changes.

The following are the advantages of integrating ChainLink Keepers with MemePlate.

  • Executions are decentralized, and possibilities of failure are very low with this trust-minimized automation.
  • Projects can significantly reduce their time on DevOps with ChainLink Keepers and direct their efforts into product development.
  • Your private keys are safe as the data carried through the Keepers are tamper-proof and fully automated.
  • ChainLink Keepers’ smart contract computation allows developers to build the best dApps at a low cost.

On the other hand, the Verifiably Random Function (VRF) will receive a new upgrade on MemeFlate. VRF is a function developed to ensure a fair and random environment in NFT and gaming platforms. The raffle game from MemFlate is currently using the VRF v1 from ChainLink. 

However, the new raffle game scheduled for May will integrate the VRF v2 function. Following this implementation, every game from the platform will have this function. MemeFlate hopes to bring a fair gaming atmosphere to the users through this new ChainLink service. 

MemeFlate is a freelance marketplace that supports both fiat and cryptos. The MemeFlate Umbrella comprises the MemeFlate brand, the MFT Tokens, DirtLifeMT NFT, and the freelance marketplace. Lately, this startup has gotten attention for its comprehensive and easy-to-use MemeFlate 2.0 platform.

ChainLink is the industry-leading Oracle network currently offering its services to numerous crypto projects and blockchains. The ChainLink APIs help the projects access third-party off-chain data without compromising security or decentralization. This Oracle network is responsible for securing billions of dollars from DeFi, gaming, insurance, and other projects across the crypto space.

The new service offerings like Verifiably Random Function and ChainLink Keepers have been met with massive success among crypto projects. Recently, Ragnörak Gaming and The God Panel NFT have signed a partnership with the Oracle network. MemeFlate now adds to the busy month of ChainLink with its decision to integrate multiple services.

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