OpenSea adds Avalanche support to make Avalanche NFTs more accessible

On Tuesday, OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, announced its support for Avalanche, the fastest contracts platform in the blockchain industry. The collaboration has joined forces to expand the reach of Avalanche NFTs into a new region. OpenSea also joined other leading marketplaces like Kalao, Joepegs, NFTrade, and Campfire.

While OpenSea’s vision involved helping the creators and collectors with NFTs across a vast blockchain industry, Avalanche provides an open-source network with the AVAX native token and three varied blockchains. C-Chain is utilized for Ethereum compatibility and smart contracts among all the blockchains.

Dominic Carbonaro, Business Development Lead, NFTs and Arts at Ava Labs, said Avalanche’s community had a unique identity and dedication to the art and applications of NFTs. According to the statistics, Avalanche is the quickest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry and has the most validators ensuring its staking protocol activity. Avalanche is quick, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Any smart contract-based application outperforms its competition by deploying on Avalanche.

From this collaboration, users will benefit from the fastest NFT trading, speedy transaction, and low transaction fees. OpenSea’s “Smol Joes” and the “Smol Lands” ranks as the top two Avalanche NFT collections.

Trevor Holman

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