Pioneers of Gaming Launched InfiniGods to Redefine Web3 Gaming

As experienced mobile and social video game developers, Owen O’Donoghue and  Damon Gura have co-founded and launched InfiniGods. This cutting-edge cryptocurrency game studio creates Web3 games with all NFTs, awards, and gaming assets being player-owned but accessible throughout titles. This follows the most recent $9 million seed investment in May 2022, which was headed by Pantera Capital and included Framework Ventures with Animoca Brands.

What is that InfiniGods thing? Let’s start playing their new games and see what it has in store for you! Entertaining, free-to-play blockchain games created by InfiniGods are based on historical mythology and empires. The business aims to make cryptocurrency games approachable and fun for everybody while enabling in-game asset ownership and fostering a player-owned ecosystem. By playing and leveling up, users of InfiniGods can earn worthwhile gameplay goodies like strength and booster-like immunity in the game.

And that’s not all! Several things have been planned for their titles. InfiniMerge, the company’s first video game, is now in beta testing; a full release is planned for later in the fall of 2022. It just unveiled Community Merge, in which it would choose one initiative per quarter to be produced as an active, accessible encounter on InfiniMerge by utilizing current materials to show compatibility. Wolf Game will be the very first Community Merge level that can be played.

A simple jigsaw game with elements of Triple Town, Candy Crush, and City Block has been updated as InfiniMerge. Players receive a brand-new game level from daily playing based on certain mythos tales and figures. InfiniMerge witnessed over 500 participants with a 70% retention rate during a beta testing phase in August 2022.

Prepare to be amazed by its features because this is not like your typical cryptocurrency game. Several users were put off playing Web3 games because the entry barrier was too steep. By urging individuals to have fun and feel genuine ownership over the assets they create while playing games, InfiniGods hopes to transform the web and the destiny of playing.

InfiniGods games are developed entirely on compatibility, which is unique in NFT gameplay. Their NFTs are intended to be available and useful as cross-game assets, both in their titles and in games developed by developers other than InfiniGods. They can add millions of brand-new participants to Web3 games thanks to InfiniGods. InfiniGods’ projects can only be played on a PC; however, mobile versions are on their way and will be available soon.

InfiniGods, a cryptocurrency game studio established in 2022, has a variety of entertaining free-to-play Web3 titles themed around old mythology and cultures. InfiniGods, a portable and social game platform created by industry professionals, lowers the barriers of entry for gaming enthusiasts and fosters an environment where purchased assets may be used across various titles. This way, it maximizes blockchain technology’s potential.

Trevor Holman

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