VR Movie on Mars Is the First Interactive NFT in the World

Mars4 gets its name with the idea of Mars being the fourth planet from the Sun. It is a virtual way of experiencing the environment of Mars.

Users can begin to explore the virtual Mars Metaverse. It functions with the integration of virtual reality technology. You can own and customize a piece of land by using Mars4 dollars. Mars4 offers an immersive experience of being in an environment that is practically at a larger distance from Earth.

It’s Happening!

An Arab Sheikh recently bought Newton on Mars4. Newton is a very rare NFT that has been used by the Sheikh to invest in the project.

The Mars4 project is now live. The Arab Sheikh is an early investor, and this has become a highlight as other investors are now beginning to realize the true potential of the project as an interactive one. Mars4 is a centered ecosystem where you may explore the virtual Metaverse of Mars, own and modify your property with MARS4 dollars, and even profit from the world’s first revenue-generating NFT! The fundamental benefit of owning land plots is the yield built into them. In other words, Mars landlords will receive passive revenue merely by holding the lots.

Mars4 works on the integration of Virtual Reality technology. You don’t have to visit a movie theater or sit in front of your laptop. Having one VR Headset is enough to have a wonderful experience.

The virtual environment created under this project encourages landowners and players to collaborate. 

Every part of the project can be experienced at its best due to the integration of VR technology.

It offers views of virtual Mars while enabling all the stakeholders to take full advantage of Ethereum blockchain and VR technology. 

The virtual environment of Mars is very much like the real one. You come across several volcanoes, craters, and fun-filled surprises.

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