Wilder World hones in on Polygon with Celestia below

Wilder World has finally chosen Polygon with Celestia below to develop a game-changer modular blockchain leading to zero-knowledge technology.

Wilder World is an on-chain entity involving Avatars, cyberwear, crafts, land, etc. They will all be boosted by $WILD, forming a connection among players, developers, and framework suppliers. For this, they needed their own blockchain, which had to be gasless with all other features. Polygon with Celestia below was the answer.

Together with their sister project, ZERO, they are introducing Meowchain, a blockchain created to upgrade GameFi and the simulation.

Meowchain will bring an upgradable and accelerated Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, separated by gasless transactions. With the bridging with Meowchain, application and protocol suppliers will be required to pay gas fees to the users. Where Wilder World is concerned, the payment for gas fees will be made through the metropolis, which is its economic protocol set to generate revenue with the help of trading fees.

The positioning of Meowchain will be initiated by the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), offering the required tools and framework for effective incorporation. With Polygon CDK technology, Meowchain will be placed on the Ethereum mainnet and become a part of multiple L2s that introduce decentralization. With the help of Celestia’s modular data accessibility network, Meowchain can upgrade to many users. Data availability sampling will pave the way for enhanced on-chian gameplay.

In the case of Meowchain, this will transform into convenient positioning, improved privacy and safety factors, interoperability, and connection with the ecosystem.

On the part of Celestia, it is the initial modular data accessibility network that intends to upgrade along with its user base, easing the procedure for users to introduce their own chains. Celestia acts as a base layer for building customized and modular blockchains. This initiates the transformation of every blockchain network into a supreme and autonomous chain with Celestia below.

For Meowchain, this transforms into enhanced capabilities via Celestia’s modular approach, improved verifiability and safety, decentralization, and endless creativity opportunities.

The initial public version of Midnight in Wiami, Wilder World’s initial racing exposure, will depend on Meowchain to incorporate on-chain rewards and staking. The Meowchain testnet is in the immediate offing, followed by mainnet positioning. This is necessary for the public deliverance of Wilder World, ZERO Messenger and ZERO OS.

Meowchain is being built as decentralized, open source, and permissionless to be accessible for all.

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