1 second ago

    Bitcoin—the Power Needs Over $10k to Set an All-Time High

    Bitcoin and its price have been a talk of the investor’s town due to its…
    37 mins ago

    BABMI Finance Aims to Facilitate BMB Lending and Derivative Issuance

    BAMBI focuses on building a one-stop platform for derivative issuance, staking proxy with cross chaining,…
    4 hours ago

    KuCoin Partners With Banxa to Make Apple Pay an Option to Buy Cryptos

    KuCoin announced today that users will now be able to use Apple Pay for buying…
    Press Release
    3 days ago

    Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 Goes Virtual to Feature International Leaders of Finance and Tech

    With support from the Hong Kong community, industry leaders from across the world will converge…
    4 days ago

    DeFi—the Future of New Digitalized World

    DeFi, universally known as Decentralized Finance, has gained massive attention in the world of traditional…
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