3 mins ago

    BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 catalyzes a staggering 1120% price surge, alongside notable rises in Toncoin and Dogecoin

    Toncoin’s price recently leaped to $6.41, demonstrating substantial growth. At the same time, Dogecoin achieved a modest increase of 1.08%,…
    15 hours ago

    President Bukele suggests set up a bank for Bitcoin investors

    President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has suggested the setting up of a privately operated bank for exclusively addressing the…
    16 hours ago

    Lawmakers & blockchain innovators to meet for bitcoin reflection

    Congressman Ro Khanna is initiating a meeting to reflect on the stand of the US towards bitcoin and blockchain. In…
    16 hours ago

    Cardano in peril: Will ADA price crash to $0.38?

    Cardano (ADA), once heralded as a blockchain revolution, is currently facing a troubling future outlook. Market analysts and traders are…
    16 hours ago

    Bitwise predicts the potential of Crypto and AI growth

    According to the report, the integration of crypto and artificial intelligence will have a big impact on the economy. The…

    Metaverse News

      2 weeks ago

      The Sandbox raises $20M at $1B cap to grow open metaverse creator economy

      The Sandbox, the subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is conceptualizing a decentralized virtual world where creativity merges with gaming. Animoca Brands…
      2 weeks ago

      McDonald’s launches “My Happy Place” metaverse in Singapore

      The renowned American fast food chain McDonald’s launched the “My Happy Place” metaverse in Singapore in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs.…
      2 weeks ago

      CU, together with MiL.k, unveils their metaverse game Play CU X MiL.k

      CU and MiL.k deliver their metaverse game Play CU X MiL.k within The Sandbox, connecting the space between Web2 and…
      2 weeks ago

      Animoca Brands and EVG solidify strategic partnership with cross-investments

      Animoca Brands has formed a collaboration with Everest Ventures Group to implement an investment exchange initiative, in which both parties…
      3 weeks ago

      The new version of Torque Drift 2 integrated with Motorverse is out

      The Torque franchise is coming up with its biggest update, which includes a brand new game mode, improved modding tools,…
      3 weeks ago

      The Sandbox DAO, a major step toward an open metaverse

      The  Sandbox has announced the launch of The Sandbox DAO, its global community. In order to determine the future of…
      4 weeks ago

      The Sandbox partners with Bitkub to expand the network’s Metaverse

      The Sandbox and Bitkub established an alliance to expand the network’s metaverse within The Sandbox. The establishment of a metaverse…
      May 15, 2024

      Adventure reloaded: Sandbox welcomes Ragnarok online

      The Korean video gaming company Gravity conceptualized Ragnarok, which showcases three epic gaming experiences, including a new adventure. Passionate internet…

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