Illuvium launches Arena 0.3.6 update, seeks feedback in the process

Illuvium has announced launching the Arena 0.3.6 update. It is in an early phase, and the team has sought participant feedback. The update is being rolled out across the ecosystem, not in a phased manner. Illuvium has wanted players to know that the update could have bugs. It has highlighted that constructive feedback about such bugs is more than welcome.

The focus is on getting constructive feedback about four aspects – Hyper, Ascension, UX/UI improvements, and synergy calculation changes.

Illuvium’s announcement comes hours after it said the game would be temporarily down amid the ongoing Ascension patch. The estimated time was 2 hours. Leaderboard rewards were also shut down for a few moments. The final snapshot is scheduled for March 28, 2024, at 00:00 UTC.

The update has been defined as a massive update loaded with many changes. It fundamentally modifies the foundation of the game mode. The aim is to make Hyper more impactful, rework Augments, and Ascend through Stages.

Augments rework has removed Augments from Team Builder, enabling players to choose one of three Normal Augments each round. Players will have 25 seconds to make a choice. Saving time in this segment allows them to make adjustments to their board. Fifty-two Augments have replaced the old one with a single variant.

Bonuses are based on class. For instance, up to 50% reward is given when Fighter units gain scaling attack.

Adjustments to team builder rules include having at least 5 Illuvials and a maximum of 28 Cards. The Placement Phase duration has been increased to 75 seconds, rising by 5 seconds after every round. The Undo feature is no longer available, and the hex size has been adjusted.

Players have, so far, appreciated the update. Most of them have said the game is more enjoyable and playable, especially for new players who may otherwise have found the gameplay complicated.

The autobattler, RPG, title is based on Illuvial. Players are tasked to capture and make them a part of their digital assets. It is backed by blockchain technology to boost instant transactions and decentralization. It offers different game modes, details of which can be found in the Illuvium guide. It further includes details about its token economy based on ILV.

That said, the team has addressed a bug in the update by addressing the concern around gameplay with the Wound status effect. It was reportedly not working correctly. Players may face difficulty opening Illuvial tooltips, errors in negative time display, and active filter not resetting when the team lacks units.

Illuvium has noted the concerns and is working on them as the article is drafted. The last update from the team mentions the rollout of the Illuvium Arena 0.3.6 update across the ecosystem as the team seeks constructive feedback for further improvements.

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