John McAfee Says Coronavirus Could Be a Conspiracy by World Superpowers

Computer scientist John McAfee is known for speaking his mind with holding back, which has also landed him in trouble on several occasions. However, he continues to share his opinions without any filters, and he has done exactly that about the latest pandemic Coronavirus.

While the world is finding ways to fight this fatal disease that has already claimed more than 6,500 lives at the time of writing this article, McAfee feels that there’s a deep conspiracy behind COVID19, orchestrated by the US, China, Russia, and Europe, in order to impose totalitarian laws on their populace. He shared a video via Twitter on Monday, in which he can be seen discussing the alleged conspiracy behind the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is now spread across more than 150 countries, and the scale just doesn’t seem to stop. However, the McAfeeDEX founder thinks that it is an overhyped disease, which is being misused by the global superpowers to increase censorship and control movement of people. He said,

“Governments unilaterally are restricting freedom of movement, restricting assembly, imposing draconian rules on where you can go and not go. And why? You can go to the doctor if you’re sick, but not if you’re not sick. Restaurants are closed almost everywhere so they can’t go to a ballgame. This seems like a totalitarian takeover.”

In the subsequent video, McAfee states that there’s a possibility that the governments may have collaborated to exaggerate the severity of the Coronavirus so that they can implement draconian legislations. He further added that there’s also a possibility that China, US, Russia, and Europe might have come together to spread the fear of the virus, while it could also be a case where the Chinese want to topple the western world economies through the spread of the virus.

Last week, McAfee had alleged that there was a Sino-US conspiracy behind Coronavirus.

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