National Geographic debuts in NFT Genesis collection with Snowcrash

According to the plans of National Geographic, the prime publication is all set to deliver its NFT collection. However, this is done with the active collaboration of Web3 studio and the NFT platform Snowcrash. Many competitive publications have done this earlier, with it now the turn of National Geographic. The absolute highlight of this program will be the 16 photographs that will be part of the collection.

 The awe-inspiring photographs will depict various stages and scenarios related to the theme, the break of dawn. These photographs incidentally have been taken from various parts of the globe. All of them have been clicked at some point, exclusively by the photographers and digital artists connected with the popular publication. 

National Geographic launched the first NFT collection named “GM: Daybreak Around the World,” which awaits launch on the 17th of January, 2023. Furthermore, this will be jointly celebrated by 16 digital artists and National Geographic photographers.

It will depict the various sightings of daybreak in its many splendors and hues. It will also be the 135th anniversary of the publication. Plans are afoot further to add 1888 NFTs as a mark of the year it was established. Some creators associated with this Web3 space are Delphine Diallo, Jimmy Chin, and Yagazie Emezi.


National Geographic intends this to be the platform for ably showcasing its sheer power and beauty in capturing landscape and nature at its best. It will also be a way of exhibiting to the whole world its over hundred years old legacy. It will celebrate every aspect that the publication has steadfastly stood by. All of this will be made available on Snowcrash, which happens to be a just-delivered platform involved with the creation of software for Web3 and connected services.

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