y00ts initiates migration to Polygon

y00ts is migrating to Polygon, which has been officially announced on Twitter. The team has recommended that users leverage the capabilities of Phantom for a seamless experience. The multi-chain wallet has committed to offering dedicated support to users facing migration issues.

Also, the support team of Phantom will answer all the queries on the Discord channel of y00ts by playing the key role of Phantom Support. Connecting the EVM wallet and then initiating migration is also recommended. Phantom has shared a detailed announcement for the same through its official Twitter handle.

The goal of Phantom and y00ts is to offer full support to their users. 1 DUST will be airdropped for every y00t on Polygon to enable users to stake for no additional cost. However, unstaking will come at the cost of 3 DUST.

y00ts can be bought and sold on Magic Eden. Users will be rewarded $5 DUST for every unique y00t that is listed in the first 24 hours. The marketplace fee has been waived for the first 30 days. Meaning, users can buy and sell in Magic Eden without any marketplace fee for 30 days. The first-time sale will fetch an additional $20 USDC provided it happens during the 30-day period.

Phantom has sent out a series of tweets to ensure the team fully supports the move of y00ts to Polygon. While saying that exploring a new ecosystem could be intimidating, Phantom has assured that the process will be seamless and easy for all users.

Users must first redeem the early access code y00ts and then set up their wallets for migration. Unstaking is mandatory before the initiation of the process.

Users who have Phantom but not Ledger are all set. Others have to connect the Solana account to the MATIC account, with the SOL account being the From place and the MATIC account being the To place in the migration process.

Phantom with Ledger users must create two different accounts and a new Phantom multichain Ledger account. Enable MATIC support as the final destination, and let the process take care of the rest.

Migrating y00ts to Polygon does not have gas fees. It has been waived off; however, users will be required to hold MATIC for other transactions that they execute. The token can be claimed either on an exchange platform like Coinbase or through a fiat on-ramp like MoonPay. These will have a little role to play when the in-app EVM bridge and swapper of Phantom go live.

y00ts are priced in ETH, and they can be bought from Magic Eden. Users can then swap the digital asset at 1 Inch Network, QuickSwap, or Uniswap.

To clarify, users can raise tickets with the support team of Phantom only for questions that are related to Phantom. All the migration-related questions have to be directed to the team of y00ts.

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