SmarterWorx presale is now live and brings Avalanche and Solana money back to Ethereum chain

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of numerous technologies that have changed how we live, do business and trade assets. Crypto assets have become an increasingly popular investment option, with a variety of methods of ownership and exchange.

Now, with the launch of SmarterWorx, a decentralized protocol for trading tokenized fine art, art enthusiasts have an additional option to invest in highly desired art pieces. This makes the SmarterWorx presale the biggest event of the current market, even convincing Avalanche and Solana holders to consider switching over.

SmarterWorx is on the edge of innovation

Art has long been a powerful way of expressing culture, history, and ideas. However, until recently, the art market has been mainly limited to those with plenty of money to spend and privileged access.

Now, with the advent of SmarterWorx, a decentralized protocol for trading tokenized fine art, anyone with an internet connection and a digital wallet can participate in the art market from anywhere in the world. 


SmarterWorx is an Ethereum-based decentralized system that uses blockchain technology to securely, transparently, and cost-effectively store art assets. They acquire carefully chosen paintings, sculptures, or other art forms, tokenize them, and trade them on the SmarterWorx marketplace as NFTs.

In return, the community received equal ownership of the vaulted assets and continued revenues from their sale. The art portfolio of SmarterWorx is backed by treasury funds, which are supported by buy-and-sell taxes.


$ARTX, the protocol’s native currency, is deflationary by nature. SmarterBurn Deflationary Mechanism burns 1% of every ARTX transaction. Furthermore, 50% of the profits from the sold NFT pieces are utilized to buy back ARTX tokens from the secondary market and burn them. The deflationary strategy is adopted to help ARTX survive crypto winter because the scarcer the token gets, the higher its value once demand grows.

ARTX presale will undergo ten phases, and prices will grow at each stage. The current price is $0.004, while the launch is estimated at $0.035.

Avalanche keeps struggling 

Avalanche (AVAX) is a smart contract-capable blockchain technology that prioritizes transaction speed, cheap transaction fees, and environmental friendliness. Avalanche’s ultimate goal is to create a highly scalable blockchain without compromising decentralization or security. 

However, new rumors surrounding the project have made many investors anxious. As the rumor goes, a few years ago, New York-based Ava Labs, which has been working on establishing the Avalanche ecosystem, forged an agreement with the legal firm Roche Freedman, wherein Roche Freedman would acquire secret information of competing firms and trap them under class-action lawsuits in exchange for enormous sums of AVAX tokens and Ava Labs corporate shares.

Supporters saw the news as a major warning sign, which had a devastating effect on the value of the AVAX token. 

How is Solana performing?

For the Solana blockchain, 2022 was quite an eventful year. It started the year strong, being the favored network after Ethereum for issuing non-fungible assets (NFTs). However, Solana’s reputation has suffered due to its proximity to the FTX crash at the beginning of November. 

It is anticipated that FTX and its affiliated investment arm Alameda Research possessed more than 50 million SOL tokens and had a significant role in the Solana development. Uncertainty over the future of such a large amount of SOL tokens has caused SOL to tumble from the top 10 to number 17. 

Final Takeaway

the massive meltdown of popular crypto assets like Avalanche and Solana left many wondering where to allocate their funds. 

SmarterWorx emerges when stability and reliability are much needed on the crypto horizon. ARTX token’s well-crafted tokenomics, strong backing, and vast utility are believed to rank the project among the top performers while also offering an ultimate solution to make art investments accessible for everyone.

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