FixedFloat Review: An Insight Into the Instant Exchange!

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The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed the growth of millions of crypto exchanges, marking a special feature of the massive crypto space and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency exchanges are growing in popularity by the day as more and more digital tokens are being introduced to the market.

The exchanges allow traders to buy and sell digital tokens and receive exciting rewards for their activities on the platform. FixedFloat is a popular crypto exchange that offers trustworthy, safe, and fast services to the digital community and an array of digital currencies. However, read our FixedFloat review further and know about the platform in detail.

FixedFloat: A Lightning Crypto Exchange

FixedFloat is considered a Lightning Crypto Exchange due to its fully automatic feature coupled with Lightning Network. It was established in 2018 by blockchain-experienced enthusiasts who have shown a great interest in network technology, finance, and business. The platform uses fully automated technology and offers instant and unique features for trading virtual assets.

FixedFloat Exchange User Interface

Browsing on the FixedFloat site is incredibly user-friendly for all kinds of traders who have a stable network. The company offers a top-notch digital trading platform, giving the site a comparative advantage over other options. FixedFloat has been exclusively developed to meet all kinds of trading requirements of its customers.

FixedFloat Exchange Details

Official Website
Number of Supported Coins/Tokens 54
Available on Mobile Under Development


Characteristics of FixedFloat

FixedFloat comes with three main advantages – speed, convenience, and security.


Every transaction on FixedFloat is instantly processed at transparent and reasonable rates. The trading site does not charge any additional fees for its services rendered.


FixedFloat is developed to provide the utmost convenience to its customers, allowing them to enter the website without logging in or registering. Using the exchange site is extremely beginner-friendly, as users can get into the platform by scanning a QR code with their crypto wallets or by providing the wallet address on the website.


The fixed flute is a completely decentralized virtual platform. This means no third-party agents or intermediaries are involved in the customers’ transactions. This makes trading on FixedFloat completely transparent and secure. Additionally, users do not have to maintain any deposits on the website.

  • Cross-platform Functionality – The exchange is developed to perform optimally on all devices.
  • Time Management – The exchange is fully automated, offering instant responses to all customer queries on the platform’s customer support page and also they have a FAQ section for users, so they can get answers to their questions easily.

In addition, FixedFloat has remarkable features that make the exchange indistinguishable from others. For example, the platform offers easy access to new customers without any KYC (know-your-customer) compliance requirements. Additionally, the site protects and secures customer information, making the website one of the most trustworthy trading destinations. The platform does not store or keep its users’ digital tokens; hence, it is a safe place to trade where customers can feel confident about their privacy.

FixedFloat Recent Transactions

The platform’s transparency is also worth mentioning, as it is evident on the website. All the recent transactions are displayed accurately with details like the time involved in every transaction exhibited on the webpage.

FixedFloat Affiliate Program 

Users who sign up for the lucrative affiliate program on FixedFloat enjoy 40% of the platform’s profit. To become part of the FixedFloat affiliate program, follow the straightforward steps mentioned below:-

  • Register on the platform to receive the FixedFloat affiliate link.
  • Please send the link for others to access it and allow them to transact on the platform.
  • Get 40% of the profit for every transaction made on the exchange.

FixedFloat Fee Structure & Transaction Order

Crypto traders often tend to choose exchanges based on the trading fees charged by them. Hence, traders are more interested in top cryptocurrency exchanges with favorable and transparent fee structures. FixedFloat offers two different exchange strategies – floating rate and fixed rate transactions.

  • Float Rate – The floating rate involves a 0.5% network fee. For those who opt for the float price, FixedFloat determines the value when the customers’ funds arrive.
  • Fixed Rate – The fixed rate is, however, 1%+ network. The fee includes the price seen before a transaction begins, which the customers have to pay if the fixed rate strategy is chosen.

It should be noted that FixedFloat charges network fees determined by the blockchain network. The exchange does not take any percent from this as the validators and miners use the entire fee as compensation for their services, which include transaction validations and block searches.

Furthermore, FixedFloat offers the lowest minimum limits in the market ($1). FixeFloat has three options for users to track their orders for every transaction process:-

  • On the FixedFloat site, if the customer’s browsers accept cookies.
  • Through email, if they provide email addresses.
  • By checking the ledger’s track where the users have transferred their money.

After the expiry of an order, customers are still left with two options – they can request a refund or renew their order at the current market rate.

Essentially, users at FixedFloat can always resume their activity if they accidentally get logged out. To resume, users can:-

  • Reopen the order webpage to enter the address.
  • Visit if the site accepts cookies.
  • Complete the code by opening the link provided.

Cryptocurrencies on FixedFloat

The FixedFloat exchange offers a wide variety of digital currencies. Currently, the website has 54 cryptocurrencies, each having diverse traits. The exchange recently added two more coins, Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX), to its basket. FixedFloat continues introducing more cryptocurrencies and trading pairs to its platform to cater to a wider section of the digital community.

FixedFloat Exchange Features

FixedFloat: Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Quick, trustworthy, and secure
  • Reasonable and transparent rates
  • Relatively lower fees
  • Choice of exchange rates: floating and fixed rates
  • Easy to handle
  • Hassle-free network confirmations
  • Several supported cryptocurrencies and trading pairs
  • Easy accessibility to the platform
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Automated services


  • Does not accept fiat currencies
  • Exchange not enlisted, unlike other popular exchanges

Closing Remarks on FixedFloat

To sum up, the FixedFloat exchange stands strong in the tough competition in the digital arena with its special features like transparent and easy transactions, absence of KYC compliance, several supported digital tokens, and a beginner-friendly user interface.

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