Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India 2023

The Indian economy popularly welcomed cryptocurrency in 2020 when the ongoing pandemic caused a global economic slowdown. The demand for digital financial assets in India is on the rise today. To invest in crypto, Indians have started using cryptocurrency exchanges and looking for the best app for crypto trading in India with low fees. Millions registered their crypto trading accounts within a year with several top cryptocurrency exchanges in India.


PrimeXBT 0.05%
CoinSwitch Kuber 0 to 0.5%
Zebpay 0.15% & 0.25%
WazirX 0.2%
UnoCoin 0.4% & 0.6%
CoinDCX 0.04% & 0.06%
Bitbns 0.25%
Krypto 0%

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It is important to compare them based on their plus points and downsides to find one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. For example, one of the best crypto exchanges in India will have a robust security mechanism. Similarly, an exchange with low fees can also be considered one of the best exchanges in the country.

No particular exchange can be considered the best due to market volatility and market risks. Also, with the recent announcement, all crypto businesses in the country would come under the scope of PMLA, which is a good step toward regulating the crypto industry. This will ensure all crypto businesses have the necessary KYC and transaction monitoring in their processes. Indian crypto community investors are yet to mature in the country’s crypto markets. Let’s look at some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that traders and investors could rely on per their investment advice.

Which Is the Best Crypto Exchange in India?

The following best crypto exchanges in India are emerging as the best platforms in the world for the crypto space. To buy and sell digital assets, any of these five best platforms for crypto trading in India can surely emerge as the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India for 2023.

1. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchange suitable for beginners & professionals alike. From our easy-to-use, customizable platform to our live market data and trader tools, it helps traders find what they’re looking for when trading on the cryptocurrency market. As per our PrimeXBT review, it also offers unique diversification opportunities for traders worldwide, with investment funds in 45+ countries. PrimeXBT’s team comprises dedicated financial experts and impartial regulation consultants who strive to provide peace of mind to our investors while maintaining the principles of fair play, trust, and transparency.

PrimeXBT User Interface

Pros and Cons of PrimeXBT

Pros Cons
PrimeXBT delivers lower fees, the highest leverage, competitive trading conditions, and service fees. This cryptocurrency exchange, unlike others, is typically self-regulated and does not typically provide deposits or withdrawals in fiat currency.
PrimeXBT provides an incredibly user-friendly trading platform suitable for new and experienced traders. PrimeXBT doesn’t offer demo accounts for customers.
PrimeXBT offers margin trading in traditional assets and cryptocurrencies, making it easy for users to trade digital currencies. PrimeXBT does not offer spot trading but only CFD trading.
The speed and transparency of the platform make it easy for traders to execute trades and access liquidity in real-time. Clients in the US and Canada don’t fall under the list of countries supported by PrimeXBT.
The sign-up process is quick, and the user doesn’t need to submit to KYC procedures.
It offers 100x leverage of up to 1:100.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere at PrimeXBT

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PrimeXBT Fees

The great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge you for deposits but instead charges a withdrawal fee. The cost for a Bitcoin transaction on this platform is 0.0005 BTC.

Every time a trader establishes or exits a position on the platform, a trading fee is levied. The following is a list of the fees the platform will charge you:-

  • For cryptocurrency trades, there is a small fee of 0.05%.
  • For indices and commodities, costs will be around 0.01%.
  • For Forex, a 0.001% fee is charged.

2. CoinSwitch Kuber – Best Cryptocurrency App in India with Low Fees

CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the popular & best cryptocurrency apps in India; the platform offers one of the best rates on Bitcoin trades. It is easy to trade BTC instantaneously on CoinSwitch Kuber, and the KYC and AML verification procedures are also easy to follow. The CoinSwitch Kuber mobile app is quite helpful in bringing one of the best crypto trading platforms to Indian mobile devices. CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India to provide Indian traders with a seamless crypto trading interface.

CoinSwitch Kuber - Best Bitcoin Exchange in India

Pros and Cons of CoinSwitch Kuber

Pros Cons
CoinSwitch Kuber accepts INR deposits instantly. The platform is not available for demo or free trial as updating KYC details is mandatory.
Withdrawals can be made with bank transfers and various either payment modes. The platform is not good for day trading as it does not have the appropriate tools.
The platform has a simplistic UI which makes it beginner-friendly. The platform helps people buy crypto by only using INR as crypto-to-crypto exchanges are currently not supported.
The platform implements a fast KYC process, which completes online verification within minutes.
CoinSwitch Kuber app has scored great user reviews on Google Playstore.
The exchange supports 58 cryptocurrencies, which can be traded with INR.
CoinSwitch Kuber app provides real-time live chat service for responsive customer support.

Why CoinSwitch Kuber?

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CoinSwitch Kuber Fees

The transaction fees are not disclosed on the website. Information on the trading crypto fees is provided exclusively via the customer support team through live chat. The company has stated in these chats that it doesn’t charge any fee. Still, with our research on the same, it charges trading fees between 0 to 0.5%, which makes this platform the best cryptocurrency app in India with low fees.

3. Zebpay – Best Online Crypto Wallet

Zebpay, an Indian crypto exchange, helps traders to buy and hold Bitcoin. It also supports trading cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin. Zebpay is a simple crypto trading platform, and it also has an integrated best online crypto wallet in the Zebpay mobile app. This helps long-term investors move their crypto holdings from the exchange to the wallet, which the investor has more control over. It is used by traders who have just begun investing in the crypto market & helps them explore the trading features easily. Also, it is a great trading experience.

Zebpay - Best Crypto Exchange in India

Pros and Cons of Zebpay

Pros Cons
The platform charges only 0.15% maker fees. The platform charges a monthly membership fee of 0.0001 BTC or fiat currency equivalent to that.
Intraday trading on Zebpay is charged at a low 0.10% fee. The daily trading pair limit is 15.
The Zebpay app & wallet facility is simple and safe to use. The platform only supports 6 cryptocurrencies currently.
Zebpay ensures lightning-fast payments for BTC-INR transactions.

Features of Zebpay Exchange

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Zebpay Fees

Zebpay charges the maker with a 0.15% fee and the taker with a 0.25% fee. Withdrawal fees are 0.00049 BTC on Zebpay for Bitcoin transactions. The platform charges a Rs. 10 INR fee on withdrawals. A 0.10% fee is charged to trade intraday on Zebpay. Zebpay also charges a monthly membership fee of 0.0001 BTC or equivalent. Check this link and get more details on Zebpay fees structure.

4. WazirX – Largest & Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

WazirX is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the country. Founded in 2018, WazirX has become India’s largest and most trusted Indian crypto exchange. Today, Nischal Shetty, the founder of WazirX, has become a key player in the market. WazirX has successfully added more than 2 million customers, half of which joined in the first half of 2021. It is one of the fastest growing crypto exchange Apps in India.

WazirX - Trusted & Best Crypto Trading in India

Pros and Cons of WazirX

Pros Cons
The WazirX website works well as a web app on mobile device browsers. WazirX fails to provide high liquidity.
WRX Tokens Fund enables Indian investors to expand and diversify the crypto portfolio early. WazirX has stopped offering crypto lending services since March 2021.
WazirX has partnered with Binance, which is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. The platform charges a high fee for withdrawing crypto assets.
The WazirX platform allows INR deposits made through UPI transactions.
The platform has a beginner-friendly UI.
The fund takes a percentage of profits and provides insurance for the users.

Benefits of WazirX Exchange

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WazirX Fees

The crypto trading fee at WazirX is 0.2% for both the maker and the taker. Unlike most cryptocurrency pairs, the platform only charges 0% fees for USDT/INR transactions, and the Smart Token Fund transactions are charged with 25% fees on profits. The platform has a minimum buy order limit of 5 USDT, and it also implies a maximum buy order of 100,000 USDT. The withdrawal fees on WazirX are 0.0006 BTC.

5. UnoCoin – Offers High Liquidity

Unocoin is one of the best crypto exchanges in India is gaining popularity and has around 150,000 customers. Today, the platform makes over $350 million in revenue. It has a long-term vision. The exchange started its operations in 2013 and aimed to make Bitcoin more accessible to the billions in the country. Unocoin crypto trading services actively accept Bitcoin transactions.

UnoCoin - Best Exchange for Cryptocurrency in India

Pros and Cons of UnoCoin

Pros Cons
Unocoin offers high liquidity, unlike other exchanges. The Unocoin customer service is slow and has limited technical assistance options.
Bitcoins held on the platform are stored in cold storage or cold hardware wallets. The platform only supports Bitcoin.
The platform is extremely easy for traders and has simple navigation options.

Benefits of Using UnoCoin Exchange

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UnoCoin Fees

Unocoin charges a 0.7% commission on all buy and sell orders. Users can lower this fee to 0.5% for orders of 100 BTC and above. The exchange also charges 18% government tax on the transaction fee. This makes sending and receiving Bitcoins a costly affair. But this fee also depends on the congestion in the Bitcoin blockchain. The maker fee on Unocoin is 0.4%, and the taker fee is 0.6%.

6. CoinDCX – Crypto Exchange with Lowest Fees in India

CoinDCX is a unique platform that provides cryptocurrency exchange services across 200 different types of crypto assets. This Singapore-based company has been popular in India since 2018. CoinDCX has set up its offices in Mumbai, and the platform has been backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Polychain, 100x Ventures, and other top investors. CoinDCX crypto exchange has also received investments worth $ 5.5M in three crowdfunding rounds.

CoinDCX - Top Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

Pros and Cons of CoinDCX

Pros Cons
CoinDCX also has enough liquidity to support this growing number of crypto trading pairs. User verification becomes tedious for higher fiat values.
The platform charges low trading fees. INR is the only FIAT currency supported by the platform.
The platform has the largest range of crypto coins for Indian traders.
With futures trading, CoinDCX allows 20x leverage.
The platform accepts easy payment gateways such as UPI and IMPS.
With margin trading, CoinDCX allows 6x leverage on various crypto assets.

CoinDCX Exchange Services

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CoinDCX Fees

The crypto exchange with lowest fees in India – CoinDCX exchange charges a 0.04% fee for takers and a 0.06% fee for makers. It charges low fees compared to current industry standards, which are 0.10% for takers and 0.15% for makers. However, this low crypto trading fee gets negated with a high withdrawal fee. CoinDCX charges around 0.001 BTC fees on every BTC withdrawal.

7. Bitbns – Best Crypto Exchange in India

Bitbns is the overall best crypto exchange in India, with over 300 listed cryptocurrencies available on the platform. It offers excellent services and allows customers to buy, exchange, and sell cryptocurrencies at the best prices by offering an easy-to-trade, intuitive and simple user interface. Bitbns also offers India’s cryptocurrency app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. The exchange is currently being used by more than 4 million users with a current 24-hour trade volume of $13 million.

Bitbns - best crypto exchange in india

Pros and Cons of Bitbns

Pros Cons
Bitbns offers multiple popular cryptocurrency digital tokens. Bitbns does not support fiat currencies except for Indian Rupee.
Bitbns trading terminal is functional and convenient in both browser and mobile versions. Debit card or credit card payments are not available as Bitbns payment methods.
The developers regularly update the investment and currency portfolio. Bitbns customer support service has plenty of room for improvement.
The Indian crypto exchange offers fast withdrawal processes and less trading fees.

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Bitbns Fees

Bitbns charges trading fees depending on 30-day trading volume and the BNS token holding. Bitbns fees are categorized based on VIP levels ranging from Explorer to Level 9. Takers and makers must also pay a fee of 0.25% if they hold BNS tokens worth less than 25 USDT. Lenders at Bitbns have to pay an interest rate of 15%, whereas borrowers are not charged any fees.

8. Krypto – Fastest-Growing Indian Crypto Exchange

Krypto is India’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to buy more than 100 cryptocurrencies with high liquidity and at the best rates. Traders can buy, sell, and exchange popular trading pairs such as INR/BTC, INR/ETH, INR/DOGE, etc. Krypto cryptocurrency trading platform users can access leading digital coins and enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals with fast crypto to crypto, INR to crypto, and crypto to INR conversions.

Krypto Exchange

Pros and Cons of Krypto

Pros Cons
Krypto offers an array of cryptocurrencies. Krypto customer support is of below-par quality.
The website is completely transparent with competitive trading fees and discounts.
Krypto offers support for a decentralized ecosystem of crypto products.
The cryptocurrency exchange offers fast withdrawal processes and low fees.
Users can exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat, crypto, and debit or credit cards.
Krypto is a trustworthy, beginner-friendly, and regulated trading platform.

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Krypto Fees

Krypto exchange has provided a transparent fee structure for each cryptocurrency, with minimum and maximum blockchain receive, send, and the fees involved. The exchange does not charge trading fees, brokerage, or deposit fees. However, there are deposit and withdrawal limits, 50 INR and 100 INR, respectively.

Method to Choose Best Cryptocurrency Exchange For India

Most traders and investors have already found the best exchange from the above crypto exchange list. However, specific parameters must be considered before calling a trading platform the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.

While evaluating top crypto exchanges in India, especially to find the best cryptocurrency exchange for 2023, the following factors need to be considered:-

  • Users need to conduct extensive research on the Indian crypto exchange platform. They also need to make sure that the user reviews of the crypto exchange platform are authentic.
  • The platform should support Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Its security should mimic the authenticity of the exchange.
  • The platform should provide the best crypto security and have legitimate buy-sell operations.
  • The trading platforms can be compared based on their buy-sell fees and overall fee structures, highlighting hidden costs.
  • The platform needs to work like reliable and popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The exchange should support multiple purchase methods.
  • The user experience of the exchange is an important deciding factor.

The above criteria can be used for rating other exchanges appropriately, which will also bring forth platforms outside the list of five.


We conclude that the process of finding one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India is not that easy. For some, the best exchange for cryptocurrency trading in India would be CoinSwitch Kuber, which is easy to use and does not charge a hefty fee. Out of the above crypto exchanges in India, Unocoin is also a great option. For experienced traders, the top cryptocurrency exchange in India for 2023 would be WazirX due to its surging growth over the past few months.

The Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, is also a top option on the Indian crypto exchange list. It is popular with crypto investors and claims to handle more than one lakh active traders, daily. CoinDCX also supports 200 cryptocurrencies. But, an exchange like Zebpay can act as the fastest and most secure terminal for crypto trading. The low fees of these exchanges, especially by making free deposits and withdrawals, are also worth considering.

With over 900,000 users, WazirX is undoubtedly the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange in the country. WazirX is also one of the safest and most reliable exchange apps for Indian investors. It allows Indians to buy, sell and store digital assets such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, and over 100 other cryptocurrencies, to drive the country’s adoption of the crypto economy. Hence, one can start investing in any of the exchanges mentioned above.


Which Is the Best Exchange for Cryptocurrency in India?

WazirX and CoinDCX are considered the best exchanges for crypto assets in the Indian market.

Is There Any Crypto Exchange With Lowest Fees in India?

CoinDCX charges the lowest crypto trading fees, that makes it the best crypto exchange in India with low fees.

Which Is the Safest Crypto Exchange in India?

WazirX is hailed as the safest crypto exchange platform in India. It uses advanced blockchain technology to protect transactional data, and multiple data-encrypted layers also protect BTC transactions on WazirX. These security measures make WazirX a safe exchange for Indian crypto users. The crypto trading platform is also backed by top investors and exchanges worldwide.

Which Crypto Exchanges in India Have the Most Coins?

WazirX has become the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the country. It has gained millions of dollars worth of crypto exchanges during the pandemic. Indian retail investors are buying digital currencies actively from WazirX.

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