10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps and Tools

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, effective management of your digital crypto portfolio has become paramount.

As the crypto market expands with a multitude of platforms, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies, the need for the best crypto portfolio tracker app has never been greater.

We’ve delved into the realm of crypto portfolio management tools, meticulously researching and assessing the top players in the field.

In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the pros and cons of each crypto portfolio tracker app, empowering you to make an informed choice.

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your widely diversified crypto investments;

It’s time to discover the perfect crypto portfolio management tool tailored to your needs with the help of this crypto portfolio apps guide.

Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of these powerful tools, ensuring you find the ideal solution to monitor and optimize your crypto portfolio effortlessly.

Before proceeding, you need to be familiar with this!

What Are Crypto Portfolio Trackers?

  • Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker connects to crypto wallets, exchanges, and other crypto services for an overview of income, capital gains, and losses.
  • They are like GPS for navigating the crypto world, helping users stay on track.
  • Users can monitor investments and rebalance portfolios with real-time data.
  • The challenge lies in the variety of crypto portfolio apps available, each with different features.
  • Some crypto portfolio trackers allow trading but lack asset variety, while others catalog assets without trade automation.
  • Crypto portfolio tracker effectiveness, security, and features vary, so traders must carefully choose the right one.

Top Crypto Portfolio Tracker and Management Apps Compared

Tool Name No of Exchanges Pricing Platform Availability
CoinStats 300+ Basic – Free
Paid – $3.99 onwards
Android, iOS, Web
CoinMarketCap 670+ Basic – Free
Paid – $29 onwards
Kubera 20+ Basic – 14 days Free Trial
Paid – $15 onwards
Android, iOS, Web
CryptoCompare 300+ Basic – Free
Paid – $349.99 onwards
Android, iOS, Web
The Crypto App 100+ Basic – Free
Paid – $8.99 onwards
Coingecko 700+ Basic – Free
Paid – $10 onwards
Android, iOS
CoinMarket Manager NA Basic – Free
Paid – $69.99 onwards
Android, iOS, Web
Portseido 70+ Basic – Free
Paid – $10 onwards
Android, iOS, Web
Assetdash NA Free Android, iOS
CoinStats NA Free Android/iOS

Now, let’s delve into the detailed section of each tool.


Crypto portfolio tracker CoinStats

CoinStats is our number one choice for automated portfolio tracking, allowing users to manage their entire crypto portfolio from a single place, irrespective of their portfolio sizes. It boasts over 1 million users and helps them track their crypto trading across multiple digital wallets and crypto exchanges.

What is unique about CoinStats is that it allows traders to participate in decentralized finance liquidity mining. It has simplified the process for beginners, allowing them to automatically navigate through multiple crypto-supported platforms like M-Stable, M-Stable Polygon Lido, and Yearn Finance.

CoinStats Features:

  • 0% trading and swapping fees
  • In-depth crypto portfolio management and analysis
  • Supports more than 300+ crypto exchanges
  • Accepts trading in over 100 cryptocurrencies

CoinStats Pricing:

  • Free Basic Plan with 10 connected portfolios and 1000 transactions
  • Premium Plan at $3.99 per month with unlimited connected portfolios and 1,000,000 transactions


  • Comprehensive support for over 300 crypto exchanges and wallets
  • Advanced portfolio stats and real-time price alerts
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Manages all NFTs and DeFi
  • Robust security measures to protect APIs


  • Cluttered dashboard for desktop and mobile users
  • Does not support many popular crypto wallets
  • Best features available for Premium account holders only.

Reason to Choose CoinStats

The P&L calculator, user analytics, and pricing data on CoinStats are unrivaled, helping users power their trades and learn from the CoinStats support page about trading, tracking DeFi assets, calculating profit and loss, and more.


Crypto portfolio tracker CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is one of the best crypto portfolio trackers for digital assets in the ever-growing crypto space. The platform supports more than 9500 cryptocurrencies and tracks the crypto portfolio of its users, free of cost. Traders can keep track of their portfolio valuations, profits, and losses with the simple-to-use CoinMarketCap portfolio tracking crypto platform.

With real-time price data from the top crypto exchanges and no-cost portfolio tracking tools and charts, CoinMarketCap makes an excellent platform that takes the privacy and security of client information seriously. Users can download the CoinMarketCap mobile app on Android and iOS devices and sync their data between their mobile app and desktop to track crypto assets and manage their portfolio on the go.

CoinMarketCap Features:

  • Supports over 9500 cryptocurrencies and 670+ crypto exchanges
  • Updates price data in real-time
  • Crypto portfolio tracker is absolutely free and easy to use.
  • Offers a dedicated mobile app for on-the-go portfolio tracking

CoinMarketCap Pricing:

  • Free basic plan
  • Hobbyist account for personal projects at $29 per month
  • Startup account for commercial use at $79 per month
  • Standard account for most use cases at $299 per month
  • Professional account for scaling cryptocurrency projects at $699 per


  • Supports several cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges
  • Offers a simple-to use-portfolio tracking crypto platform
  • Mobile tracking support on iOS and Android devices


  • Reloading may require closing and reopening the mobile app
  • User interface is not beginner-friendly

Reason to Choose CoinMarketCap

Being a one-stop crypto portfolio tracker, CoinMarketCap is excellent for empowering users with high-quality, accurate, and unbiased information.


Crypto portfolio tracker Kubera

Kubera is the best crypto portfolio tracker that handles portfolio valuation, crypto projects, and crypto taxes and provides price alerts for managing crypto and decentralized finance with the same portfolio tracker. Kubera does not have a free trial pack for its users, making it not beginner-friendly.

Kubera is also an excellent choice for traders who want to pass on important documents to others securely. It simplifies data sharing with financial management teams or power of attorney holders. Currently, Kubera is working with more than 20 financial institutions worldwide, projecting the value of connectivity for an accurate understanding of traders’ available resources.

Kubera Features:

  • Connects more than 20 brokers and banks
  • Dead Man’s Switch shields client data from being hacked or lost
  • Supports multiple crypto exchanges and monitors the crypto market effectively all in one place
  • Features portfolio sharing with shareable links

Kubera Pricing:

  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Paid plan starts at $15 a month


  • Syncs with popular brokers and banks around the world
  • Carries out in-depth DeFi and crypto tracking
  • Does not sell client data to third-party


  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Does not have any investing or budgeting tools
  • No free plan available

Reason to Choose Kubera

Being a premium crypto portfolio tracker, Kubera is incredibly sleek and easy to use, excellent for tracking crypto investments. Although it is not available free of cost, users can add any liability or asset they want manually and track their performances seamlessly.


Crypto portfolio tracker CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare aims to capture the main developments within the crypto exchange market, focuses on analyses of crypto derivatives trading, and strives to find the best opportunities to trade, store, and mine crypto. CryptoCompare is not only the best crypto portfolio tracker but is also an ideal place to learn about cryptocurrencies and have a better understanding of the fundamental concepts related to blockchain. CryptoCompare ensures that the platform remains robust for both institutional and retail investors, allowing them to access data and execute their investment portfolios with complete data integrity, confidence, and consistency.

CryptoCompare Features:

  • Provides both historical and real-time virtual asset data
  • Perfectly optimized mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Periodically releases premium quality research, including detailed guides and exchange reviews
  • Supports 5300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs

CryptoCompare Pricing:

  • Free basic plan for personal and non-commercial projects
  • Corporate account at $349.99 per month
  • Free trial for large enterprise organizations and institutions


  • Highly educational and informative content
  • Real-time cryptocurrency data available 24×7
  • Excellent portfolio tracker and other features and functions


  • Expensive paid plan for beginners

Reason to Choose CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare utilizes the most rigorous security measures to protect data integrity and normalizes global resources to ensure confidence and consistency in the market. To ensure data integrity, CryptoCompare regularly reviews crypto exchanges, monitors for market abuse, and takes geographical movements and regional anomalies into consideration.

The Crypto App

Crypto portfolio management tool TheCryptoApp

The Crypto App is the ultimate portfolio tracker that monitors over 10,000 tokens across 100+ exchanges. It follows the latest crypto market trends and sets up technical indicators to conduct market analysis. The Crypto App allows users to set custom alerts and personalize them to get triggered around their chosen tokens and events. Users can also view historical and current conversion rates between Fiat and cryptocurrencies using the Crypto App. The portfolio manager connects exchange accounts and public addresses and can be customized manually by entering the number of coins users earn and checking their portfolio balance seamlessly.

The Crypto App Features:

  • Contains live news feed, offering latest stories from over 60 leading crypto news publishers
  • Links over 100 exchanges and 35 blockchains for seamless portfolio management
  • Supports a wide range of widgets, including news, market status, portfolio returns, and price charts widgets

The Crypto App Pricing:

  • Free basic plan
  • Pro plan starts at $8.99 per month
  • Pro+ plan starts at 14.99 per month


  • User-friendly and interactive crypto portfolio tracking platform
  • Fast loading and easily navigable user interface
  • Live news updated from over 100 news sites
  • Offers price alerts 24×7


  • does not support several major cryptocurrencies
  • Glitches may occur while opening the mobile app.

Reason to Choose The Crypto App

The crypto app is a reliable, interactive, fast, efficient crypto portfolio tracker that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, sets live price alerts on several exchanges, customizes widgets, and checks live daily and weekly prices right on the dashboard.


Crypto portfolio tracker CoinGecko

Coingecko is a crypto data aggregator that monitors and tracks more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies across multiple popular exchanges worldwide. Coingecko provides information and charts on everything cryptocurrency, allowing users to compare exchanges, track portfolios, and discover NFTs with ease. It also provides fundamental analysis in addition to market capitalization, volume, and price; it also tracks major events, on-chain metrics, open-source code, development, and community growth. Coingecko also offers widgets, a news feed, a mobile app, market cap information, Google Sheets, and multiple hyperlinks that ensure the accessibility of the platform to all types of traders.

Coingecko Features:

  • Offers all kinds of tools and charts related to digital assets
  • Supports both centralized and decentralized exchanges along with derivatives platforms
  • An ideal place for NFT enthusiasts to explore floor prices and digital tokens related to NFT projects
  • An enriching educational resource for beginners to learn about crypto
  • Free services exclusively offered to novice traders

Coingecko Pricing:

  • Free basic plan
  • Premium account at $10 per month


  • Offers comprehensive data, displaying essential information about trust scores, trading volume, and crypto prices
  • Helps traders determine reliable exchanges
  • User-friendly and clutter-free user interface for easy navigation
  • Free public APIs for beginners and paid APIs for more functionality and endpoints


  • Dependency on intermediaries can result in inaccuracies in data
  • Manual input of data in portfolio tracker

Reason to Choose Coingecko

Coingecko ensures very low pricing, a mobile app for Android and iOS users, a reliable source of information, several accounts to support traders of all types, and secure data tracking.

Coin Market Manager

Crypto portfolio tracker Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager is a popular crypto tracking tool for frequent traders who want to improve their trading strategies and monitor their earnings from a single platform. Coin Market Manager offers access to automatic synchronization and an innovative dashboard via API with popular exchanges. The automated journalling and trading analytics platform offers trade reports, charts, tagging, easy trade imports, and advanced analytics. In-depth analytics offered by Coin Market Manager is perfect for intraday, swing, and day traders who can monitor their trading progress and analyze the performance of every asset pair in real-time.

Coin Market Manager Features:

  • An automated journal records crypto trades automatically and auto syncs full trading history through API keys
  • In-depth analytics monitors trading progress and analyzes the performance of asset pairs.
  • A Verification page offers a customized vanity URL to showcase live account data to followers and friends
  • Tracking and analytics for crypto derivatives trading offers in-depth account stats, performance charts, advanced history view, and account value and USD overall PNL/

Coin Market Manager Pricing:

  • 14-day free trial version
  • Professional account for serious traders for $69.99 per month
  • Enterprise account for $89.99 per month


  • Offers real-time market stats and value
  • Intuitive trading and tracking tools
  • Advanced trade view history
  • Automated journaling tools provide insights
  • Helps view the overall trading positions in a single place


  • Lacks a dedicated mobile app
  • Limited supported exchanges

Reason to Choose Coin Market Manager

The highly user-friendly crypto portfolio tracker, Coin Market Manager, enhances trade management and helps traders use a collection of valuable features, including an automated journal, tracking and analytical tools, and verification pages.


Crypto portfolio tracker Portseido

Portseido is a comprehensive and innovative portfolio management and tracking platform that simplifies crypto tracking and provides accurate measurement of crypto asset performances. With Portseido, traders can access all the crypto holdings in a single place and eliminate the hassle of managing several data sources. Portseido offers powerful portfolio analysis tools that allow traders to compare portfolio performances, identify risk points and trends, and find the best opportunities in the market. It is a must-have portfolio tracker for all investors looking to gain control over their portfolio and get an overview of their account balance. With its intuitive and superior features and user interface, Portseido makes portfolio tracking processes more efficient and easier for users.

Portseido Features:

  • Aggregates all virtual assets with graphs showing historical returns, port value, cash holdings, and gains.
  • Shows top gainers and losers in different timeframes
  • All-in-one crypto portfolio tracker used in more than 160 countries
  • Easy analysis and evaluation of investment portfolio with allocation breakdown in different perspectives
  • Crypto portfolio performance tracker tracks, measures, and analyzes portfolios for crypto holdings.

Portseido Pricing:

  • Free basic plan for up to 50 transactions
  • Plus account at $10 per month for 200 transactions
  • Pro account for $12 per month for unlimited transactions


  • Extremely beginner-friendly with a suitable pricing structure and easily navigable interface
  • Supports more than 20,000 ETFs and cryptocurrencies on more than 70 crypto exchanges
  • Excellent customer support is offered via different channels
  • Game-changing crypto investment portfolio tracker
  • Easy import from brokers to the Portseido platform
  • Tracks stocks, crypto, and ETFs.


  • Many features and functions are missing on the webpage.

Reason to Choose Portseido

Portseido provides rich visualizations and analytics of crypto portfolios, historical performance, allocations, and trade analytics. It covers more than 70 stock exchanges and 20,000 crypto and ETFs, allowing global and international investors to view their crypto investments on a single platform.


Crypto portfolio tracker AssetDash

Assetdash is an all-in-one crypto portfolio tracker that connects multiple accounts and tracks all crypto, DeFi, NFTs, private equity, and stocks in real-time. It is the ultimate platform for modern investors to unlock exclusive deals and earn rewards and opportunities based on their investments. It supports more than 100 platforms, wallets, and blockchains, which makes tracking easy in real-time. Traders can use Assetdash anonymously without requiring any personal information.

Assetdash Features: 

  • Tracks all crypto and NFT investments in a single location
  • Analyzes crypto and NFT allocations across every asset class
  • Provides research and breaking news on crypto holdings
  • Tracks profit and losses on crypto and NFTs in real-time.

Assetdash Pricing:

  • Free


  • All-in-one Investment tracking platform for several asset classes
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Quick start-up and account opening process
  • Anonymous registration by default
  • Allows monitoring of NFT and digital asset values


  • Lacks important educational resources.

Reason to Choose Assetdash

Assetdash is a cross-platform crypto investment tracking platform that allows investors to track their entire portfolio by connecting different accounts, exchanges, and wallets in real time and producing daily historical charts for the growth of investors.


Crypto portfolio management tool Coinfolio

Coinfolio is a simple crypto portfolio tracking app that supports more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and offers real-time price alerts updated 24×7 through the biggest stock exchanges. Users can focus on simply tracking coins without the need to check every date, time, exchange, sale, or purchasing details. Coinfolio offers a fast and intuitive way to create and manage portfolios immediately after the installation of the perfectly optimized mobile app.

Coinfolio Features

  • Creates a personalized crypto portfolio completely free of cost
  • Adds up to 3 portfolios to track different watchlists and portfolios
  • Offers complete security of client data
  • Interactive price charts show the movements of chosen coins and efficiently study price history

Coinfolio Pricing

  • Completely free to use. Buy additional features as in-app purchases to expand the overall tracking experience.


  • Simple, intuitive, and beginner-friendly crypto portfolio app
  • Supports more than 2000 cryptocurrencies
  • Provides crypto price alerts 24×7 through popular stock exchanges
  • Easy downloading and installing of mobile apps on iOS and Android operating systems
  • Exclusive app preview discovers the full potential of portfolio, tracking


  • No solid reputation in the market
  • Difficulty in accessing important information

Reason to Choose Coinfolio

With Coinfolio, you can track the daily/monthly/yearly portfolio easily with each coin‘s performance and advanced analytical tools.

Crypto Portfolio Management and Strategy

What is crypto portfolio management?

Crypto portfolio management refers to the skill of utilizing the correct fundamental models and tools to improve the financial returns from cryptocurrency investments.

Many traders often get carried away by emotions while trading crypto. This ultimately sabotages their portfolio, leading to losses.

Effective crypto portfolio management helps traders keep their emotions in check, identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and track their trading performance.

What You Need to Know About Crypto Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is a process of managing, choosing, and managing a group of crypto investments to fulfill certain financial goals and risk tolerance. Selecting the correct mix of cryptocurrencies for a portfolio is important to achieve the desired risk tolerance and returns.

The main steps in crypto portfolio management generally involve crypto allocation, selection of investments, trade execution, rebalancing, and monitoring. Other essential concepts include diversification of portfolio and active/passive management.

However, one major component of effective crypto portfolio management is to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) on tokens and projects before investing. While understanding portfolio management can help choose the right blend of crypto assets for a particular portfolio, learning what factors to consider before purchasing the crypto assets is also important.

How to Manage a Crypto Portfolio?

There are a few basic rules that traders can follow to manage their crypto portfolio –

Have a balanced crypto portfolio. Although the crypto market is highly volatile, many traders go all-in on a single trade or coin with maximum leverage.

Effective crypto portfolio management requires a balanced portfolio, and to achieve this, diversification is the key. Spread the risks across different cryptocurrencies to reduce the chances of losing it all. Keeping diversification as one of the crypto portfolio management tenets makes it less likely to make impulse decisions while trading crypto.

However, portfolio diversification is not easy since most of the cryptocurrencies are highly correlated.

Hence, traders must try to minimize their chances of overall capital loss. This can be done by investing a majority of the portfolio and large-cap tokens such as Bitcoin. Although BTC makes smaller gains than other altcoins, it loses far less of its value once a trader renters the bearish market.

Finally, investment tracking is essential, especially if the traders spread their capital across several wallets, exchanges, and assets, making it difficult to keep track of their performance. This requires using the crypto portfolio management app or software that helps traders stay abreast of their investments and make adjustments as required.

Crypto Portfolio Diversification

Diversification of the crypto portfolio ensures that traders do not lose all their money at once if any one crypto investment declines in value. Diversification of a crypto portfolio involves spreading investments across multiple tokens, coins, and projects. This approach reduces volatility and limits risks, thereby making a crypto portfolio more effective and stable. Overall, it is important to note that making investments in a single crypto can be risky, even if traders decide to trade and invest in the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To build a diversified crypto portfolio, follow the steps mentioned below – 

  • Define investment Pretensions and threat forbearance – Dealers must establish their investment pretensions and assess their threat forbearance to determine their investment strategy and their amenability to take on threats in pursuit of those destined pretensions.
  • Understand asset classes – There are multitudinous asset classes available for investment, like goods, real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other indispensable investments. Each of these asset classes possesses its unique threat-return characteristics. Diversify investments across cryptocurrencies and colorful other asset classes to achieve portfolio diversification, thereby reducing portfolio threat and enhancing implicit returns.
  • Emphasize long-term growth – Rather than fixating on short-term earnings, it’s pivotal for dealers to prioritize long-term growth to navigate through the oscillations in the crypto request.
  • Rebalancing – Regularly readjusting the crypto portfolio is essential for maintaining asset allocation and ensuring investments align with the dealer’s pretensions and threat forbearance.

Why Do You Need the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps?

Traders and investors use the best crypto tracking app as an indispensable instrument in the ever-changing crypto world for various reasons mentioned below:

Diverse Trading Landscape:

With the cryptocurrency market expansion, traders are diversifying their portfolios across different virtual assets. The best crypto tracking mobile app monitors and manages crypto holdings, saving valuable time and effort for traders. As a result, they are constantly looking for the best app to track crypto portfolios and using the best crypto tools for their trading activities.

Streamlined Organization:

The best crypto portfolio tracking app keeps track of different exchanges and wallets that can otherwise be a challenging task. Using the best crypto portfolio tracker app to track a crypto portfolio consolidates all your investments in one place and offers an organized and clear view of the virtual assets.

Real-Time Analysis and Data:

The cryptocurrency market is infamous for its volatile nature. Crypto portfolio mobile tracker apps provide real-time updates on crypto investments and give instant market insights into the trader’s portfolio performance to help them make informed trading decisions.

Notifications and Alerts:

A crypto portfolio tracker app allows users to get customized notifications and alerts to never miss out on any opportunity or important market updates.

Regulatory Compliances and Tax Regulations:

Tax regulations regarding digital assets have become more stringent. Maintaining accurate tax reports for crypto is no longer easy. Traders can use crypto tax software to ensure they maintain accurate records in a timely manner. These records are necessary for crypto tax reporting and compliance with relevant authorities.

How to pick the best crypto portfolio tracker?

1. Cost:

Selecting the best crypto portfolio tracker depends on the preferences of traders. Many portfolio trackers in the market offer portfolio tracking and management services entirely free of charge.

This is particularly beneficial for beginners who aim to acquaint themselves with the features and functionalities of the crypto portfolio tracking application or software before making any deposits.

Opt for a crypto portfolio tracker that provides free services, enabling traders to establish alerts, access real-time data, and accumulate more cryptocurrency without requiring an initial investment.

2. Trackable Assets:

The top-notch crypto portfolio trackers offer a wide range of trackable assets, creating a convenient one-stop platform for users.

Opt for a crypto portfolio tracker that provides support for well-known exchanges and a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading and profit generation.

3. Security:

When choosing the best software or app for managing or tracking a crypto portfolio, security emerges as a pivotal consideration.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies renders transaction tracking notably challenging.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to select trackers that prioritize security measures such as multi-layered encryption and two-factor authentication protocols.

4. Speed:

The crypto market, known for its high volatility and 24×5 availability, presents a challenging monitoring task for traders.

The ideal portfolio tracker enables traders and investors to keep a close eye on cryptocurrency prices in real time.

Opt for an app or software that not only provides swift trade execution but also efficiently handles tracking and management functions. This helps traders enhance their portfolio balance by responding promptly to market changes.

5. User Interface: 

Traders come in various forms, spanning from novices to professionals and encompassing short-term to long-term approaches.

Regardless of a trader’s specific style, the crypto portfolio tracker’s user-friendliness and straightforward navigation hold significant importance.

A clean interface and well-organized layout guarantee that all traders can efficiently manage and review their portfolios, enabling them to assess portfolio performance in a matter of seconds.


The purpose of this guide is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of crypto portfolio trackers and to identify the most reliable portfolio tracking tA empower investors with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Amidst the abundance of choices in the market, portfolio trackers, selecting the ideal option can be a daunting task. We have conducted in-depth evaluations of the top 10 tracking software solutions to streamline this procedure.

Our assessments have considered various critical factors, including cost, asset coverage, security, speed, user interface, synchronization, and integration.

We are confident that our carefully curated list represents the pinnacle of tools currently available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a crypto portfolio?

In finance, a crypto portfolio consists of digital assets that individual traders hold as investments within their larger portfolio. The main goal of a crypto portfolio is to allocate various assets in order to generate higher returns.

What is the best crypto portfolio tracker?

Among the top crypto portfolio trackers are CoinStats, CoinMarketCap, Altrady, Kubera, and CryptoCompare.

How to build a crypto portfolio?

To construct a crypto portfolio, you should establish investment goals, opt for effective strategies, conduct research on potentially lucrative digital assets, choose an optimal asset allocation, and consistently monitor and rebalance the portfolio.

How to diversify your crypto portfolio?

To achieve diversification in a crypto portfolio, consider adding small-cap and large-cap cryptocurrencies, acquiring different tokens, spreading investments across various sectors, expanding across geographical boundaries, and investing in a range of blockchain protocols, scaling solutions, and DeFi projects.

How to track your crypto portfolio?

One reputable crypto portfolio tracking application that allows you to connect digital wallets and exchanges to monitor your crypto portfolio performance is “CoinStats.”

How can I track my crypto portfolio for free?

A top-notch free crypto portfolio tracker with a mobile app that you can download and use in a trial version without investing real money is “Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker.”

Is it safe to use a crypto portfolio tracker?

Yes, crypto portfolio trackers are generally safe to use, and their safety depends on how traders choose to utilize them. Most of these trackers can be integrated with non-custodial crypto wallets and exchanges, allowing traders to control the extent of access these portfolio trackers have over their crypto funds.

How many cryptos should you hold in your portfolio?

Many crypto experts advise traders to allocate less than 5% of their digital assets within their investment portfolio.

Are there free crypto portfolio trackers available?

Numerous free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker mobile apps, like CoinStats, enable users to efficiently manage all their cryptocurrencies through a single platform without any charge. It’s true that many cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps provide free versions with basic features. However, for traders seeking additional functionalities they may need to transition to premium versions that come with associated costs.

Can I use a crypto portfolio tracker on my mobile device?

Indeed, most of the crypto tracking apps mentioned above are accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, catering to both Android and iOS operating systems. This ensures that traders can conveniently access their crypto portfolios while on the move, regardless of their location.

How do I manage my crypto portfolio?

  • Monitor Investments: Keep tabs on their investments across various wallets and exchanges.
  • Real-Time Market Data: Track market data in real time for informed decision-making.
  • Advanced Analytics: Access advanced analytical features and tools for in-depth analysis.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set personalized price alerts to stay updated on market movements.

Select portfolio trackers that align with traders’ specific requirements and preferences, simplifying crypto portfolio management based on market insights.

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