Coinrule Review 2024 : Is This Trading Bot Suitable?

About Coinrule

So, if you are here, you must be looking for a tool to trade. We have just the right information for you about Coinrule. According to the Coinrule review, this great platform has all the tools to help you succeed in your crypto trading endeavors. Trading is based on metrics and indicators; feasibly projecting their data can be mentally draining.

Further, human error in such cases can cause substantial monetary losses. Thus, the user can use the Coinrule trading bot to prevent all this. It considers all metrics and helps the user make a profitable trade.

Coinrule‍‍‍ Summary

Official Website
Established 2018
Available Payment Options Stripe, Chargebee,, Credit Cards such as Visa/MasterCard
Cloud Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance, HitBTC, Coinbase|Pro, Okex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Kraken, BitMEX, Bitpanda, Liquid
Mobile Support Android and iOS
Plans and Pricing Starter – Free
Hobbyist – $29.99/month
Trader – $59.99/month
Pro – $449.99/month
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support Email & FAQ Support


It is a UK-based trading bot platform founded in 2018. It primarily works on templates and customized needs of the consumer. Traders of all strata can use Coinrule, which is for everybody and can provide profit to everybody. Moving forward, in this Coinrule review, we shall be looking into the functioning of Coinrule, packs of Coinrule, whether it is worth it, and more. Please stick to the end; this article will indeed be helpful.

Coinrule User Interface

How Does Coinrule Work?

Coinrule works as it’s system revolves around trade bot services on their designated website. These bots help in investment transactions. Crypto has been around only since 2009, which makes it difficult for many bots to predict the markets accurately. Thus, crypto investments come at the cost of restricted services, security, and expensive trading fees. Coinrule has tried to change this by targeting crypto instead of all trade instruments. It has turned out to be a better option for professional algorithmic traders.

They provide templates of trading strategies, enabling users to set trade rules. For example, if A happens, B will also happen. Here, A is a precondition or “rule” fed into the template, and trades only execute if the template matches market conditions. People can develop their own rules if a template for their own trading strategies is unavailable. Trades are placed on your cryptocurrency exchange once configured (Coinrule supports many well-known international exchanges).

The rules can be configured to run as quickly as desired. The platform constantly evolves, with new trade indicators added every week. One can develop their own automated trading rules if a template for their preferred trading strategy is unavailable. Make sure to perform your own research and read all security measures before trading. Relying on popular trading strategies is good but making your template is even better.

Coinrule Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Solid user experience for those who are not much familiar with bitcoin trading bots. Not nearly as many features as other trading bots that compete with it.
Start trading with zero risk thanks to the free registration you get on Coinrule. The most costly Coinrule tier is really expensive.
Compatible with the following exchanges: Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and others too. Does not work with smaller exchanges (not unusual for trading bots though).
When it comes to security Coinrule never compromises.

Key Features of Coinrule

There are various notable features. Out of the same, we will be discussing the template strategy, backtesting, and use of exchanges.

Templated Trading Strategies

A template that follows strict technical analysis and market trading volume is a sure-shot way to win the market. A trading strategy template is a set of predetermined rules and actions that users can use for each deal. Having a clearly defined trading strategy in place and a template to adapt for each trade can aid in ensuring consistency and structured trading.

Coinrule Indicators to Create Rules

You have the option of putting your own trading rules or demo rules. Their trading software is impeccable; thus, it can easily process monthly trade volumes, which helps understand the pressure in the cryptocurrency market. These templates are based on data provided through technical and fundamental asset analysis.

Technical analysis is a strategy for identifying trading opportunities by analyzing price chart trends and patterns. It presupposes that all stock-related information, such as news, fundamental variables, sentiment, and so on, is already factored into the stock’s current price. As a result, it focuses on current price and volume trends and forecasts future price fluctuations.


Backtesting is a popular trading tool that tests a trading strategy on historical data to determine its accuracy without spending money. Backtesting is based on the concept that a trading technique that performed well in the past is likely to perform well in the future and vice versa. Firstly you need to establish the strategy to clearly outline all the details that may benefit or trigger profits.

The template you may use will be encrypted to others, so there is no compromise on security. While making a strategy, the asset class and the chart time frame must be examined. This helps in tracing advanced indicators, which may aid your own strategy. This can make the entire process completely free of issues. Varied asset classes have different characteristics, influencing the amount of historical data collected. This tool is trusted by the Ex Chief Strategy Officer.

Securely Trade Exchanges

They have great connections with the biggest players in the trading market. The supported exchanges are Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Cencius, and Coinbase. It shall be noted that these are some of the popular exchanges and have been around for a long time. So, their trading data is reliable and should help the user create the right strategy and execute their winning trade. Each of such exchanges provides dedicated private keys to its people. That is how it becomes easy to manage multiple exchanges.

How to Get Started on Coinrule?

It is easy to get started on Coinrule, kindly do the following to add your account:-

Create an Account

Here are the steps to create a Coinrule account:-

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” option at the top right of the website’s homepage, enter your email address, and create a password. You can also register by using a Google or Facebook account.
  2. Read the given terms and conditions. Then Accept!
  3. After providing your information, you will receive a verification email with the code number you must enter to complete the registration process.
  4. They will ask for KYC to fulfill the process. Kindly keep the necessary documents handy.
  5. Always remember the coinrule team will verify your data and won’t allow multiple accounts. So if you have one exchange account then dont bother applying for another one. If the previous account is not working you can reach out to their customer support services.

Coinrule Signup Process

Connect an Exchange

You can connect to your favorite exchanges using API keys by selecting the “Add Exchange” tab.

If you choose Binance, you will be asked to input your private and API key information. To find your API keys from here, log into Binance. Click “API Management” and then “Create API” to access this information.

After giving the API key a name and clicking “Create New Key,” you may verify your 2FA code and finish creating the key by adhering to all of the requirements in the confirmation email. The API keys will then be visible to you, and you should adjust your API key limitations to improve your security settings. Returning to the Coinrule Dashboard and adding the necessary data will allow you to finish the API integration procedure.

Create Your Rule

On Coinrule, creating trading strategies is rather simple. To get started, select the “Create Rule” link at the upper right of the Dashboard. Then, using “If/Then” parameters, you may make simple trading strategies that let you rapidly get started and profit from any market changes. You can consider free trading signals to get a better idea before you make your strategy. For cryptocurrency trading having a custom rule is always better.

You must first choose an exchange, specify the event (such as a 15% decline in bitcoin price), and then input your buy/sell order. The “Timer” tab allows you to choose the parameters for how you want to schedule your trades. The important conditions of the rule are listed in a tab at the top right of the screen, and you can verify that everything is in order before pressing the “Launch” tab.

You can also select a pre-made strategy from the template library; when you do, all the information will be automatically entered into the appropriate parts, and all you have to do is change the settings to tailor the strategy to your preferences.

Resources Offered by Coinrule‍‍‍

Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots are the primary driver of the market. The crypto bots provide the user with the due information to act upon. As stated before, these bots are looking for data from hedge funds, business communities, and best crypto exchanges to provide a suitable trading template for the user. They mainly use technical and fundamental analysis to make sense of the trading charts. They then use Coinrule for projecting the template. You can also create a demo account of your own and start exploring demo exchange opportunities before you use the bot service. Using the bot services makes it easy for beginners.

Crypto Trading Bots by Coinrule

Crypto Profit Calculator

Use the what-if crypto calculator to determine how much money you could invest in cryptocurrency in the future. It is a useful tool for cryptocurrency traders. It is the most useful free program available online and provides a straightforward method for calculating the return on investment for a cryptocurrency transaction. There are five trading strategies that you can choose from while using the Crypto Profit Calculator. These are ‘Buy the Dip in the Bull Market’, ‘Buy the Dip Multi-level’, ‘Ride the Trend’, ‘Maximized Crossing Moving Averages’, and ‘Low Volatility Buy and Sell’.

The users can choose an amount to invest, which ranges from $1 to $5000. They can also choose a time duration for their investments ranging from 1 month to a maximum of 18 months. This tool works similar to technical indicators or provides you investment advice.

Coinrule Crypto Profit Calculator

Coinrule‍‍‍ Pricing Plans

Even for beginners, Coinrule is simple to use. They offer handy “If/Then” settings that make it simple to configure your strategy for your cryptocurrency trading. The learning curve is so smooth that new users can use the service easily. Investing becomes easy with the help of supported tools. It is also helpful for other users.

Coinrule’s range of service covers automated crypto trading, an automated trading strategy locator, and free trading signal booth. You may select from their trading templates. The trading platforms works better with these packages available on their platform. Your account type and plan will determine the number of rules that you can employ, the number of exchanges that you can connect to, your market trade volume, and the number of trading templates that you have access to, of which Coinrule offers the following:-


The Starter Plan does not charge anything for the trading platform. This includes three criteria for each action, two Live Rules, two Demo Rules, one Connected Exchange, seven Template Strategies, and up to three thousand dollars in monthly trade volume. This plan allows crypto traders new to cryptocurrency to explore and learn how the crypto trading bot works in real time. If users need access to more exchanges, they must purchase one of the paid plans mentioned. A demo exchange account can be created if you want to use the Coinrule web platform.


The Hobbyist plan has a monthly cost of $29.99 (billed yearly as $359), and it grants access to 3 conditions per action, 7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules, 40 Template Strategies, 2 Connected Exchanges, Up to $100k Monthly Trade Volume, and Binance Futures. Additionally, the Hobbyist plan has a maximum trade volume of $100k per month. Advanced Indicators and the Trader Community is included with each subscription plan. It is a great plan for professional traders.

Coinrule Pricing Plans


With the Trader Plan has a monthly cost of $59.99 and you will access to the following features and benefits: 5 different conditions per action; TradingView Signals with a free 30-day trial for a TradingView paid plan; 15 Live Rules; 15 Demo Rules; Unlimited (190+) Template Strategies; 3 Connected Exchanges; Up to $1 million Monthly Trade Volume; Binance Futures; One-to-one Training Sessions; live telegram notifications; and TradingView integration. Advanced traders can opt for the pro plan if they are not satisfied with the crypto trader package. This package also helps to analyze the bear markets.


The Pro Plan has monthly cost of $449.99 and includes one-to-one training sessions, Binance Futures, unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trade volume, TradingView Signals with a free 30-day trial for a TradingView paid plan, 50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules, Unlimited Template Strategies, Unlimited Exchanges, Unlimited Monthly Trade Volume, Binance Futures, Leverage strategies, Live Telegram and Text notifications, the free access to the trading community. In addition, the plan gives customers access to advanced indicators and operators.

**Estimate Cost

Since Coinrule does not charge transaction fees, the price for the plan you purchase would be the only money you would need to pay. Coinrule offers discounts for all plans for users who opt for an annual billing option.

**Compare Plans

The plan prices depend on the multitude of features offered and cater to the various skill levels of the investors that might execute trades on the platform. Users can choose the plan that best satisfies their needs. Coinrule’s extra features provided in the expensive plans are advanced ones that can be utilized only by experienced traders. Novice users can use the starter and the hobbyist plans, while the pro plans are for an experienced trader. Depending on the features provided by each plan, we find all plans, but for the pro plan, value for money.

Coinrule Affiliate Program

For automated trading system on cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Binance Futures, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Coinrule provides the industry’s best user experience. On trading platforms like IG Index, automated crypto trading will soon be added for asset types like stocks, ETFs, and bonds. 45 days are available for cookies under this scheme.

You will find 3 affiliate programs on their website that users can access on the website:-

  1. Coinrule Limited on FlexOffers
  2. Coinrule Limited on CJ Affiliate
  3. Coinrule Limited on Lemonads

Coinrule Customer Support

If you are having trouble using Coinrule, you can visit the FAQ section on their website, which has a plethora of information regarding investing that viewers could be interested in. Users can also use the live chat assistant feature available on the site. Their customer service team supports the users in any condition. That is why they are becoming one of the leading crypto trading service providers in the market.

The customer service team responds quickly and offers investment advice on how to get started. You can email them or submit a request on one of Coinrule’s social networks. Here’s the email if one wishes to reach the customer support team – [email protected].

Coinrule Customer Support

Coinrule Review: Conclusion

In summation, we have a very positive experience of the Coinrule platform. The interface is sheek and easy to use. Further, simple monthly and yearly plans makes Coinrule greatly accessible, with a mere fee one can use these professional trading bots. There is a whole strata of traders who exclusively use trading bots to trade. Further, their state of the art technical analysis is bound to make you a good buck. As we saw, a wide variety of templates provides enough space for customization.

There is everything for everybody at Coinrule. Coinrule is a licensed venture and thus has legit business in many countries. It is trustworthy and is bound to give a great return on investment. So, if you are looking for great analysis, multiple templates, user-friendly interface, affordable plans and great return of investment then Coinrule automated trading bot is for you.

It has something for everybody, ranging from trading tools for experienced traders to beginners. Get your paid subscriptions and your own automated financial advisor. We hope you liked our Coinrule review of the automated crypto trading platform based on the crypto trading bot algorithm.


Is Coinrule Legit?

Coinrule is run by a legit UK company with headquarters situated in London. It is funded with 3.5 million euros by the likes of Robin Bade and Stelios Gerogiannakis.

How Good Is Coinrule?


Coinrule has received good reviews among the parameters: Ease of Use, Security, Supported Exchanges, Reputation, and Customer Support; so a solid 8.5 out of 10.

What Exchanges Does Coinrule Support?

Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Coinbase pro, Bitstamp, Okex, Bitpanda Pro, HitBTC and many more.

Is Coinrule Trustworthy?

Yes, Coinrule provides users with private keys for their accounts and that makes Coinrule safe. These private keys are then saved on detached data storage that uses AES-256 encryption.

Is Coinrule Beginner-Friendly?

Coinrule is one of the most user-friendly automatic crypto trading programs. Coinrule was created with less technical traders in mind, and the straightforward interface makes it simple. All trading crypto platforms involve some learning but Coinrule is quite refreshingly different.

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