Gainium Review 2024 : Automate Your Trading Strategies!

What Is Gainium?

Gainium is a popular trading bot that provides intelligent, speed-enabled trading tools and other features to help crypto traders build an additional income. The platform’s features include both manual and automated trading strategies and tools.

It is also a perfect place to test, research, deploy, and analyze strategies to make profitable trades quickly without messy third-party integrations and zero coding. The trading platform interface offers robust crypto trading bots developed to help traders increase profitability and reduce risk.

Gainium Summary

Official Website
Established 2023
Available Payment Options PayPal, Cryptocurrency
Cloud Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance, Binance.US, Kucoin, Bybit
Mobile Support No
Plans and Pricing Free till beta launch
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program Yes
Affiliate Program No
Customer Support Feedback Form, Help Center, & Social Channel Support

According to our Gainium review, this crypto trading bot uses advanced trading strategies and algorithms to execute trades automatically on behalf of cryptocurrency traders based on real-market analysis and data. The crypto trading platform allows all skill levels, including beginners and advanced traders, to trade crypto easily.

They can also create custom strategies or use pre-built trading bots to automate trading strategies. Gainium offers different types of bots, including grid bots, trading bots, DCA bots, and the HODL bot, along with other features like backtesting, paper trading, and portfolio analysis.

Our review of Gainium provides insight into the Gainium features, user experience, pros and cons, sign-up process, supported exchanges, pricing, security measures, Academy, and more.

Gainium Review: User Interface

Gainium User Experience

The Gainium crypto trading platform provides users with a smooth experience with a user-friendly interface. Like other platforms, it has both dark and light modes with simple layouts that make the user experience seamless, from connecting a cryptocurrency exchange to account creation.

Traders can easily set up their own crypto trading bots and create custom strategies without lags. They can also use portfolio and risk management tools to check the value of their portfolio and get an overview of their active trading bots, grid bots, profit and loss, scenarios, and status.

The bot also offers comprehensive documentation and support to ensure that all traders have the required resources to get the most out of the trading platform. The trading terminal is quite basic, with the right features and tools to simplify the trading process. However, Gainium can improve its selection of crypto trading pairs by highlighting the available crypto pairs instead of compressing them in a small box.

Features of Gainium

Test Without Risk

One of the best features of Gainium is that users can test the platform for free. With the demo mode, users can try the automated trading bots and implement trading strategies without real or virtual money cryptocurrency investments.

Test Without Risk at Gainium

Automate Your Edge 

To make potential profits on Gainium; users must find a trading edge and build a trading strategy. With advanced trading bots, users can put their edge on autopilot mode, whether they are day traders or long-term investors.

Continuously Evaluate 

Users can analyze strategies to evaluate how a particular strategy performs and compare them to implement the best option.

Gainium Trading Services

Grid Bot

Gainium Grid bots, users can set predetermined prices, intervals, and other relevant commands to execute their trades, irrespective of market conditions. Our review & research on Gainium found that the grid bot can be used to make a profit by placing multiple short and long orders at intervals. Traders can profit by capitalizing on small price changes as the market remains flat. With grid bots, traders can set up order grids that automatically use their funds when required.

These bots are perfect for generating small yet consistent profits even when other trade strategies do not bring positive returns. Traders with grid bots can unlock the overall potential of their bankroll by sending a portion of the funds to the exchanges and keeping the remaining amount to be deployed in the future. Traders can test these bots with paper trading, backtesting tools, and robust technical indicators.


Our research for this review of Gainium attests that users can also use a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) bot to split investments across several orders. The DCA bot implements trading only during favorable market conditions and takes buy or sell positions only when the entry price has reduced.

Gainium Trading Bots

DCA bots on Gainium follow effective strategies that lower the acquisition costs of the assets. With lower risk market volatility, beginner-friendly and intuitive set-up, paper trading, and backtesting tools, DCA bots that Gainium offers deliver excellent performance with built-in technical indicators.


The platform offers the HODL bot, which employs the same DCA trade strategy but with more flexibility as it focuses on long-term investments. With the help of the HODL bot, users on Gainium can set up automated purchases of specific cryptocurrencies at regular time intervals, irrespective of the market price.

Trading or investing a fixed amount at regular intervals lowers the purchase price on average, leading to higher profits in the long run.


The backtesting feature on Gainium allows users to run multiple backtests against historical data, assess their performances, and make informed decisions. The good thing about backtesting is that traders can run multiple backtests using more than one timeframe to get the most accurate data.

Backtesting provides a low-risk environment for traders to perfect and refine their trade strategies before implementing them. With the help of the backtesting feature, Gainium users can avoid expensive mistakes, deploy trade strategies with confidence, and build a library of the right trading strategies, as Gainium saves all backtests so that users can refer to them in the future.

Paper Trading

The paper trading feature is more suitable for traders with little or no knowledge of automated trading. With paper trading accounts, users can simulate platform trading activities using bots without real money investments. With paper trading, Gainium users can learn crypto trading without risk, test manual trades and trade bots, and gain overall confidence as a crypto trader.

Portfolio Analysis

Gainium offers portfolio management using the Portfolio Analysis feature that gives access to an overview of the account balance and other metrics related to crypto investments. It includes exchange value distribution, market capitalization, and charts showing the best and worst-performing trading assets.

Gainium Bots

With this feature, Gainium users can keep their portfolios balanced, maximize their returns, and protect themselves against risks.

Gainium Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Different types of trading bots, including grid bots, DCA bots, and HODL bots. Only 4 cryptocurrency exchanges are supported.
Offers backtesting features to test trading strategies. No dedicated mobile app.
Supports paper trading.
Free access to cryptocurrency trading bots.
User-friendly platform with SSL encryption protocols.

Gainium Sign-Up Process

Gainium offers a simple registration process to allow all types of traders to participate on the platform and gain from crypto trading. Beginners can try out Gainium features and functions using the demo mode. To register for a free account:-

  1. Visit Gainium’s official site and navigate to the orange Try Free tab on the right-hand top corner of the landing page.
  2. Users need to choose one of the providers, which includes Gmail, Twitter, Google, and Discord, to create an account and register a valid email ID on the platform.

The registration and account creation process on Gainium is easy and quick and does not require any additional personal or financial information. Traders using Gainium can enjoy increased efficiency, backtesting, improved trading strategies, easy portfolio management, and arbitrage opportunities.

Gainium Sign Up Process

The demo account offers the ability to test trading strategies in a simulated environment without real money investments. It allows users to adjust and fine-tune trading strategies based on their trading preferences.

Gainium Supported Exchanges

Although Gainium offers a limited number of the best crypto exchanges, it features some of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world, such as Binance, Binance.US, KuCoin, and Bybit. Gainium provides this ability to its users so they can easily connect these exchanges, make easy trades with their choice of cryptocurrencies, and earn profits.

Similarly, Gainium investors can enjoy arbitrage opportunities by purchasing cryptocurrencies on one exchange and selling them on another to make profits.

Gainium Pricing

Traders can use Gainium’s features free of cost during the Beta phase. At $0, users on Gainium can use unlimited grid bots, DCA bots, backtesting, paper trading, TradingView integration, TradingView signals, API access, and complete documentation. There are no fees charged for making trades on Gainium. However, this is only during the Beta launch.

Gainium will eventually offer a free forever tier, and there will be competitive prices even for the paid tiers. Free beta traders will be provided adequate time to upgrade to paid plans or continue with the free forever plan. Gainium expects its users to provide feedback to help the platform improve its features. Users can Feature Request or Send Feedback under the Help and Support button on the official website to provide valuable input on the Gainium beta version.

Gainium Security Measures

Coming to the security measures that Gainium provides, specifications on all security features are mentioned on the official website. Data storage on the platform is well encrypted to protect sensitive information like both personal and financial client data from unauthorized access. In the unlikely event of a third party getting access to the database, decrypting the information without safe API keys will not be allowed.

Additionally, HSTS and HTTPS are used on all browsers and pages to ensure the platform is connected to the browsers using a safe connection. These features reduce all risks of accessing data during transactions and ensure activities online are kept private.

Users leaving the platform in less than a year can always return to their account without losing data since Gainium keeps all information stored on servers for one year. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that if the users remain on a free forever plan for more than a year, the platform removes the data safely from the service.

Gainium Academy

Gainium prioritizes learning by doing through Gainium Academy, which features important educational resources and articles on cryptocurrency trading and trading bots. These resources are extremely useful for crypto beginners who want to learn trading, investing, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, crypto portfolio management, and more.

Gainium Academy

It is important to remember that crypto trading and investment can be a daunting and complex task, especially for new traders in the space. Therefore, Gainium Academy provides the basics of crypto trading to help traders make informed decisions and profitable trades.

Gainium Customer Support

The Gainium trading platform is in its Beta testing phase. Hence, customer support still needs to be improved compared to other trading platforms. Gainium provides customer support that can be accessed from the top menu Help option.

Users can send a message from the Contact Us section via email. Mention the Subject, Registered Name, and Email ID, followed by the query. Enter Submit. According to reviews, customer reviews, and feedback, Gainium support agents usually resolve queries within 24 hours.

Gainium Customer Support

Additionally, Gainium offers its Blog and Academy to educate its customers about the platform’s features, available trading bot, supported tokens, deposit and withdrawal services, transaction process, and many more.

These educational resources help crypto beginners understand the basics of crypto trading, how to use Gainium trade bots, and other products and services available on the exchange. It also covers building a profitable trade strategy to more profit from buy and sell orders through Gainium.

Our Verdict on Gainium

To sum up this Gainium review, there is no denying that from paper trading accounts and backtesting tools to DCA and grid bots, Gainium offers everything traders require to make profits from cryptocurrencies in the long run. Deploy, research, analyze, and test trade strategies quickly with messy third-party integrations or zero coding.

The crypto trading bots offered by Gainium are the latest in the cryptocurrency digital space. Although it is in the Beta phase, Gainium supports four major crypto exchanges: Binance, Binance.US, KuCoin, and Bybit. It is absolutely secure for traders who can enable IP whitelisting on their exchange keys to make sure that all unauthorized parties are kept away from the platform.

All in all, traders of all skill levels can participate on Gainium with the most user-friendly interface, along with various bots and strategies worth exploring by both novice and experienced investors and traders.


Is Gainium a Safe & Secure Trading Bot?

Yes, Gainium is a completely safe and secure trading bot that uses API keys, HTTPS, and HSTS protocols to provide an additional layer of protection and ensure that the trading platform is connected to browsers using a secure connection. All data on Gainium is well encrypted to protect the sensitive information of the clients.

Is Gainium Bot Profitable?

Trading bots on Gainium are profitable if traders put up the different types of bots with an appropriate approach in tune with the current market conditions. Traders must understand market and price movements to match the strategies to market trends while using automated Gainium crypto trading.

Will Gainium Services Be Free Forever?

Currently, Gainium services are free of any cost or fees. However, in the future, the fee plan will change to a paid scheme in the form of either a monthly or annual subscription. Free Beta traders and investors will get adequate time to upgrade to paid plans, or they may choose to remain with the free forever plan but with fewer features.

What Happens If You Stop Using Gainium?

If users leave the Gainium platform before the completion of 1 year, they can always return to their account without any issues or losing their data since Gainium keeps every piece of information safely stored on servers for up to 1 year. However, it is essential to note that if users remain on the free forever plan for more than one year, the trading platform securely removes the data from the server.

Does Gainium provide an API?

Yes, Gainium offers safe API keys that protect users by prohibiting unauthorized access to withdrawals.

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