10 Best Bitcoin Video Poker Sites 2023: Play Video Poker with BTC

What Is Bitcoin Video Poker?

If you have come across the phrase ‘Old Wine in a New Bottle,’ then video poker fits best with this phrase. Bitcoin video poker is a Bitcoin-based online video casino or gaming platform modeled after old-school poker games.

We feature a list of top Bitcoin video poker casinos per your location. Also, learn how to play video poker using BTC, and the different types of available games.

Many online video poker websites offer Bitcoin to play casinos and earn money. Bitcoin video poker casinos has the same appearance and feel as the classic machines. It is a perfect platform for old-school gentlemen and ladies who miss those poker machines, while newer generation gamers may turn their watch dials a little to learn more about video poker’s history.

10 Best Bitcoin Video Poker Sites in 2023

  1. Lucky Block – Ideal Casino To Play BTC Video Poker
  2. Stake – Play BTC Video Poker With Live Dealer
  3. 1xBit – Variety of Bitcoin Video Poker Themed Slots
  4. Empire.io – Popular Video Poker Variations
  5. BC.Game – Top-Rated Site With 70+ Online Poker Games
  6. Bovada – Good Table Game Selection of Video Poker
  7. Bets.io – Wide Range of Poker Tournaments Accepting BTC
  8. mBit Casino – Dedicated Virtual Video Poker Rooms
  9. Wild Casino – Best Poker Bonus Available
  10. Vave – Best for Playing At Video Poker With BTC

How Do the Bitcoin Video Poker Games Work?

When it comes to BTC video poker, there are two main categories- the Bitcoin-exclusive casinos and the hybrid casinos. As the name implies, the first will exclusively deal with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, whilst the second will accept both traditional and digital money. Here are some ways how Bitcoin video poker games work:-

  • To play video poker on legal sites, you need to first check and enlist the top legal sites offering the crypto casino to play.
  • Once done, register yourself and follow the process as mentioned in the site. Do check which site has the license to accept Bitcoin as a deposit to play. You also need to check if the Bitcoin poker sites are legal in your country.
  • Players are free to use different cryptocurrency wallet to make payments and begin playing any game.

Differentiate Between Bitcoin Video Poker and Regular Video Poker

The most significant distinction between Bitcoin video poker and regular poker casino is that former is significantly more confined. Poker video games are played both online and offline using Bitcoin and other cryptos. Here are some of the differences:-

No Opponents

When you engage in video poker with Bitcoin there are no real opponents, unlike regular poker games. In regular video poker, you will have multiple components to play against and win.

No Betting

Regular video poker does not allow you to bet randomly and has some restrictions. However, online Bitcoin video poker sites does allow betting as per your strategy and other aspects.

Better Rewards

Video poker sites with Bitcoin offer better rewards and easy transactions in terms of welcome bonuses, and promotions. Regular poker sites do not offer rewards which can be a loss for players playing on video poker machines offline.

Fixed Limits

Online video poker sites with BTC has fixed limits, whereas regular video poker has no such fixed limits.

Different Variants

One of the major differences between Bitcoin video poker sites and regular video poker is the variant you get. The best BTC video poker sites offer multiple variants to choose from and play. Different types of video poker games including Aces, eights video poker, royal flush, etc offer multiple features to choose from. Unfortunately, the regular video poker website offers limited options.

Pros and Cons of BTC Video Poker

Pros Cons
Gamers have complete anonymity Many casinos do not hold licenses to poker wit crypto like bitcoin
Fast and Cheap Money Transfers, no scam, easy withdrawal Bitcoin is a volatile currency
Higher Payback

Types of Bitcoin Video Poker

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better, commonly known as Draw Poker, is the most popular video poker Bitcoin game right now. If you can build a better hand than a pair of jacks, you will get compensated. Many sub-variants of Jacks or Better have somewhat different pay tables, and they typically give you a bonus if you make a specific hand with provably fair results.

Deuces Wild

All twos are wild in Deuces Wild, implying that they will play whichever card offers the player the best hand, making them the deck’s most valued card. The paytable for deuces wild differs considerably from that of Jacks or Better.

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is essentially a variant of Bonus Poker, which is a kind of Jacks or Better. Due to extra-high rewards for the 4 kind hands in the game, the term “bonus” has been added to the name of the game. By decreasing the payment for two pairs from 2 to 1 to even money, the game “pays” for the higher payouts for a kind of 4.

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is similar to the video poker game Jacks or Better, thus the gameplay is comparable. When you put money into the Bonus Poker machine, the screen refreshes to show you how many credits you have. Then you choose how many coins you wish to play for—from one to five.

Tens or Better

Tens or Better is among the most popular games and is quite close to Jacks or Better. However, it is considerably easier to win because you just need a pair of tens or better to win. When compared to other video poker varieties such as Joker Poker, Tens or Better video poker has lower rewards. Because of the greater frequency of paying hands, the game has somewhat lower volatility than typical video poker games.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a type of video poker game that is also known as “Joker Wild.” Joker Poker, like other video poker games, is essentially a variant of Jacks or Better. The difference between it and Jacks or Better is that it includes a joker as a wild card.

Essential Rules for Playing Video Poker With BTC

Players may try their luck at a number of poker machines in the fast-paced realm of BTC online video poker, including All American, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild, to name a few. To successfully play video poker BTC, you need to follow certain rules including:-


  • A single deck of cards is used in the game.
  • The goal of the game is to obtain the best possible hand.
  • To accomplish the aim, a player must first wager at least the minimum amount set by the game provider.
  • The player is dealt five cards after placing the wager.
  • The player might keep the complete hand or a certain number of cards while waiting for the discarded cards to be replaced with new ones.

Winning Hands

Jack or Better

A pair of cards consisting of two Jacks or higher like Queen, King, or Ace.

Two Pairs

It is a game in which two pairs of cards have the same number. For example, two 3s and two 6s.

Three of Kind

It refers to three cards with the same number on them. Three 8s, for example.


Similar to a Straight Flush, but the five cards don’t have to be of the same suit. All they have to do now is follow the steps in the correct order.

Benefits of Playing At Best BTC Video Poker Sites

Customer Support

The best Bitcoin video poker sites offer great customer support. Right from personal calling to mail and live chats, players can connect to get real-time customer support.


From welcome bonuses to promotions, and double bonus poker, players will have a great experience in getting rewards and bonuses. No matter what Cryptocurrency is used, top bitcoin video poker sites offer good bonuses and payouts for playing video poker.


The online video poker BTC sites offer multiple gaming options. You can choose and play online video poker game that fits the best, has fewer fees, requires good strategies and less risk.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are the most vital aspect of online gambling. Poker gaming sites with Bitcoin offer easy deposits and withdrawals with low transaction fees.

Faster Bitcoin Transactions

BTC Video poker sites offer faster Bitcoin transactions compared to regular video poker. With a few steps, gamers can withdraw and deposit money quickly. In many sites, there are no transaction fees and easy withdrawing options.

Universal Acceptance

Many countries have legally accepted Bitcoin and gamers can use it instead of real cash.

Enhanced Security

Poker video sites are highly secured. You can add personal information, easy making payments, safe deposit methods, and other aspects that are highly secured, but at your own risk.

Remain Anonymous

Your identity will remain secretive and will help you to play video poker games with Bitcoin easily and safely.

Bonuses Offered By Bitcoin Video Poker Sites

Gambling bonuses are the major reasons to enhance your casino experience, since these bonus offers provide you with more funds in your bankroll, allowing you to play without having to spend your initial deposit or credit. Choose online Bitcoin casinos that provide no deposit bonuses since you may take benefits of these offers without having to make a deposit. Some of the best bitcoin video poker bonus options are as below:-

No Deposit Bonus

This is the most famous type of BTC poker reward offered. In this, the gamer does not have to deposit any promotion amount and also win good money.

Welcome Bonus

Also known as the deposit bonus, it is the amount offered to the gamer after registration.

Second/ Third Bonus

It is a casino promotion in which players receive a match bonus when they flush in cash for the second or third time.

Free Spins

Free spins are a sort of promotional offer gamblers obtain at online casinos. You are given a set amount of bitcoin casino free spins to play on a specific slot machine. They may be found as no deposit bonuses or as part of packages in reward.

Why Is Bitcoin Video Poker Popular?

There are three major reasons are:-

Faster Gameplay

Cryptocurrency transactions are fast, enabling quick deposits and withdrawals at video poker sites with Bitcoin. This allows players to enjoy a seamless and efficient gaming experience without delays or interruptions.

No Bad Bets

Bitcoin video poker eliminates the risk of bad bets as players can accurately calculate the odds. This adds a level of transparency and fairness to the game, attracting players who prefer a more strategic and calculated approach to their wagers.

Simple Strategies

BTC video poker offers straightforward and easy-to-understand strategies. Players can quickly grasp the basic rules and optimal decisions, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced players alike. The simplicity of the game allows for enjoyable and engaging gameplay without the need for complex tactics.

Future of BTC Video Poker

According to Newzoo’s Analytics Platforms, in 2020, 2.7 billion gamers spent about US$159.3 billion on internet gaming. According to estimates, the industry of gambling on internet casino sites, especially video poker will exceed $200 billion by 2023. It’s a chance for Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin online gaming to flourish and offer a better experience.

Although online crypto games and Blockchain technology appear to be technical, the advantages to players and creators are clear. Crypto games improve the gaming experience for gamers while also increasing earnings for creators.


The use of Bitcoin is rapidly rising in video poker. The use of Blockchain technology in online games is still in its early stages, but it has a promising future. Video poker games are certainly the most exciting things to engage in using Bitcoin only if played safely and under the stated regulation. Although you have a great choice of video poker websites with Bitcoin, some are far better than others. We suggest you to choose the best video poker site from our preferred list as per your specific needs.


Is Bitcoin Video Poker Legal?

It completely depends on country-to-country. Many countries do not allow Bitcoin transactions at online video poker sites. So, it’s best you check with your state.

Is BTC Video Poker Available on Mobile Devices?

To play mobile Bitcoin video poker, you will need to download software, but it should not take more than a few minutes. The best thing is that most major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, support video poker game accepting Bitcoin.

How to Deposit Money on the BTC Video Poker Site?

After completing the registration process, you will be able to deposit your Bitcoin online poker video account. To deposit funds at an online BTC video poker site, you will not be needed to submit any card details or personal information if you use Bitcoin. Instead, Bitcoin addresses will be used to send cash from your Bitcoin wallet.

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