Matrixport Review 2024: Is It Worth to Lend Your Crypto?

What is Matrixport?

Matrixport is a renowned digital asset and crypto financial services platform enabling users to invest, trade, and leverage popular cryptos with ease. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, Matrixport’s primary mission is aptly defined by its official company motto, ‘Get More From Your Crypto’. The company offers various financial services, including fixed-income offerings, structured investment opportunities, Cactus Custody spot OTC products, lending, and many other asset management services. However, read our Matrixport review and know about the platform in detail.

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Matrixport Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Singapore
Found in 2019
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrencies 9
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Minimum Deposit Variable
Deposit Fees Free
Trading Pairs N/A
Trading Fees Free
Withdrawal Limit Variable
Withdrawal Fees For Fiat – 30 USD
For Cryptos – Variable
APY Fixed Income – Up To 30% APY
Flexi Saving – Up To 6% APY
DeFi – Up To 10% APY
App Yes
Customer Support Email, Live Chat, Inquiry Form, & FAQs Support

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Matrixport User Interface

How Does Matrixport Work?

Matrixport is a unique platform that makes crypto investing very simple, easy, and intuitive for beginner and experienced traders alike. Potential crypto investors can use comprehensive and innovative crypto investment product offerings that are tailored for them. In fact, in many ways, Matrixport empowers users to take complete control of their finances while simultaneously helping them gain maximum returns on their investments.

Is Matrixport Legit?

Matrixport is a legitimate, licensed crypto investment and management platform that owns a Hong Kong and Switzerland license. With a team of industry titans and pioneers at its back, Matrixport is so trusted by users that it managed to hit ‘Unicorn’ status within just two years of being established. The company is currently valued at more than USD 1.2 billion and boasts more than USD 10 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Matrixport Benefits

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Key Features of Matrixport

All-in-one Financial Solutions for All Levels of Expertise

As a leading, one-stop crypto investment platform, Matrixport offers a variety of robust financial solutions perfectly suited for varying levels of investment insight. Some of Matrixport’s best products for beginner investors include varying no-lock-up Flexi saving offerings and various types of fixed-income investments, amongst other carefully handpicked products. On the other hand, more experienced investors not bothered by common risk factors can dabble in sophisticated and advanced products such as dual-currency trades and leveraged trade offerings.

More Tools, Higher Returns

At Matrixport, investors are treated to endless investment opportunities with high returns. Some of the best offerings for investors on the Matrixport platform include:-

  • Dual Currency: At Matrixport, customers can easily choose a dual currency product that features a secured, double-digit annualized yield at maturity, irrespective of market conditions and volatility.
  • Smart Trend: A predictive smart trend product at Matrixport can enable investors to earn up to 50% atop their pre-secured base yield whenever the market moves in their favor.
  • Best-Buy Fund: As evident by the name, Matrixport’s best-buy funds are handpicked funds selected by the Matrixport team that ensure secured returns regularly alongside minimal risk.
  • Range Sniper: Matrixport’s great range of sniper investment offerings contribute toward investors receiving higher returns when the settlement price of their crypto assets is sideways or when they rise within a specific range.

Instant Trading with Zero Fees

To ensure that potential investors receive the highest returns, Matrixport offers instant trades with zero fees. Users can purchase and sell their crypto with absolutely zero commission fees with familiar spot trades. The company also offers flexible leveraged trade options that feature up to 5X leverage with the market’s lowest interest rates.

Instant Trading with Zero Fees by Matrixport

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24/7 Customer Support

Through email, investors can reach the highly capable customer support team at Matrixport round-the-clock. A 24/7 live chat option is available to make things easier for users. Moreover, the company has a strong and active presence on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. Irrespective of the communication channel used, the team is highly responsive and helpful.

Exciting Portfolio of Various Investment Products

Since its launch in 2019, Matrixport has built an impressive portfolio of innovative crypto investing products and services. Among its numerous offerings, the company offers customers a plethora of fixed-income products, dual-currency products, Flexi saving products, smart pool investing services, and OTC trading services. Potential customers have many different products and services for saving, investing, and trading in popular cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Safe and Reliable

Matrixport is a safe and reliable crypto investment and financial services platform that offers top-notch security features to protect users’ funds. Across all of its numerous products and services, the company offers a robust security infrastructure backed by the cutting-edge Cactus Custody guarantee. Cactus Custody is considered the most reliable authority to safeguard digital assets in a risk-free, efficient, and transparent manner.

Products Offered by Matrixport


Matrixport’s wide product portfolio includes brilliant savings products that help more people earn interest easily. The great fixed-income product offerings feature up to 30% annual interest rates in multiple currencies and tenors. On the other hand, more experienced users can also rely on Matrixport’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects that feature instant withdrawals, flexible redemption options, and variable rates ranging from 5% to 25% spreads.

Product Offered by Matrixport

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Matrixport offers some of the most profitable investment products to help individuals gain maximum returns on their investments. For instance, the amazing dual currency investment product offered by Matrixport features floating returns, and each investor can receive an annualized yield of up to 73% at maturity. Matrixport offers many other great investment options that feature a guaranteed yield at predefined compound rates for investors who seek a safer view and approach.

Moreover, “BTC-U Range Sniper” specifies an income structure with multiple options to assist users in earning a higher return when the BTC price is increasing within a specified range. Still, when the settlement price is lower than the linked price, the returns and principal are converted into BTC at the linked price.


Matrixport offers its users smart cryptocurrency trading options with industry-best exchange rates. This amazing crypto investment platform enables fast and simple trading where all one needs to do is select from the available trading pairs and enter their transaction amount. After confirming the transaction, it is reflected within minutes in the respective user’s wallet. Users can indulge in spot trading with zero commission fees and leveraged trading with enhanced flexibility options, thus earning interest. However, the platform offers no option for Stock trading.

Spot Trading by Matrixport

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Buy Crypto

Matrixport is also a built-in best cryptocurrency exchange in its most elementary avatar that allows customers to buy and sell popular cryptos. The company offers a unique and industry-first ‘Buy-Low-Sell-High’ feature that allows crypto enthusiasts to earn profits by buying crypto at a discount and selling it at a premium using their crest cards or bank account wire transfers. The Matrixport crypto exchange allows users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, Tether, Dash, Ripple, etc.

ETH 2.0

Matrixport expert enables investors to earn a variety of ETH 2.0 staking rewards by participating indirectly in ETH 2.0 stakes on the respective user’s behalf. With Matrixport’s support, customers can expect their ETH 2.0 funds to grow without worrying about fines and forfeits arising from sub-par operations. Users also benefit from earning token rewards, increased mining revenues, decreased risk levels, and better liquidity options.

Matrixport ETH 2.0 Stacking Earn

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Matrixport’s enterprise cryptocurrency management system, Cactus Custody, defines state-if-the-art innovation. It offers cold storage security to customers who want to safeguard their digital assets with confidence and peace of mind. Every Matrixport safe features unparalleled custodial measures with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or higher grade security, multiple data centers, batch transfer of funds, relaxed withdrawal limits, and seamless integration with any DeFi product.

Derivatives Trading

Matrixport enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with, thus allowing the company to offer its customers low-latency derivatives trading with unique features such as perpetual fund swaps and futures trading. Potential traders are also provided with top liquidity options and comprehensive user protection from unforeseen market risks. Most importantly, they participate in up to 50x leverage trading with futures and up to 10X with options trades.

Spot Trading

Matrixport facilitates spot trading in a transparent environment, where traders can make instantaneous transactions at prevailing market prices. Featuring zero commission fees, the spot trading service at Matrixport is perfect for those investors who have a good understanding of the market, knowing when to hold and when to sell to earn better profits.

Leveraged Trading

Matrixport offers highly flexible leveraged trading options wherein customers can reap the benefits of 1-click open and close trades that accept multiple assets as margins. With leveraged bull and bear trades, users can borrow USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and BCH to buy or sell crypto at a favourable price, with up to 5% leverage.


Matrixport also offers various loan products, including instant approval collateral loans and zero-cost loans. Collateral loans enable investors to acquire an instant loan against crypto as collateral. These flexible loans feature highly competitive interest rates and 100% transparency. On the other hand, zero-cost loans are highly customizable, interest-free loans that offer zero liquidation risks and complete meltdown protection.

Loan by Matrixport

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Institutions Offered by Matrixport

Online reviews about Matrixport suggest that it serves over 300 institutions and institutional investors, including proprietary trading companies, asset management firms, and hedge fund providers, amongst many others. Below is a brief outline of the various products and services provided to numerous institutions.

Margin Lending

Matrixport offers margin loans to institutional investors or high net-worth individuals at highly competitive rates. Besides featuring a seamless user experience, Matrixport’s margin lending services include a financial advisor who offers investment advice to help mitigate any potential losses.

OTC Services

The company offers various low-cost OTC services to global institutions with great financial benefits and liquidity options in all major crypto assets. Institutional partners can also find tailored OTC offerings to meet their particular requirements.

Matrixport OTC Services

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Institutional Custody

Matrixport’s prominent and powerful custody service, Cactus Custody, is a qualified custodian of digital assets licensed by the Hong Kong Trust Company. Cactus Custody offers top-notch, bank account-grade security to institutions that seek the best platform to safeguard their funds.


Matrixport provides miners, trading firms, and many other financial institutions with stablecoins and other cryptocurrency loans at very competitive rates. Besides crypto-collateral loans, the company also provides zero-cost traditional loans with liquidity protection so institutions can invest in their future.


At Matrixport, institutions can earn an immensely attractive, guaranteed fixed-income yield on all popular cryptos, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The user can also decide the period for a chosen fixed-income investment.

Matrixport Fixed Income Feature

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Structured Solutions

Matrixport’s structured solutions are tailored solutions meant for those institutions and individuals who seek a highly customized strategy to achieve maximum returns on their cryptocurrency investments over a set period.

Matrixport Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A comprehensive suite of financial tools to help old and new users earn interest on their crypto savings. No desktop version is available for download at present.
One of the few crypto platforms to offer institutional Over-the-counter (OTC) services. No customer support over the phone.
Impressive monthly trading volume with very attractive exchange and interest rates. Doesn’t offer stock trading.
Dedicated, intuitive, and easy-to-use mobile app for both Android and iOS.
24/7 customer support over email and live chat.

Matrixport Charges

The transaction fees and other miscellaneous charges at Matrixport can differ depending on various factors. Here is a quick rundown of the low fees that are levied by the platform:-

  • Deposit Fees (SEPA, ABA, and IBAN Transactions): Free
  • Deposit Fees (Swift): Free (Third-party banks might charge handling fees)
  • Deposit Fees (Cryptocurrencies): Free
  • Withdrawal Fees (Fiat Currencies): USD 30 (Irrespective of withdrawal method)
  • Withdrawal Fees (Cryptocurrencies): Depends on the form of crypto transacted, as evident in the list below:
Crypto Token Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Fee
BTC 0.00001 0.0005 0.0005
BCH 0.0002 0.1 0.0001
XEC 1 20000 0.0001
ETH 0.0005 0.08 0.005
ETC 0.01 0.08 0.01
USDT 1 2 ERC20-10
USDC 1 2 USDC ERC20-20
DOGE 0.001 15 5
LTC 0.001 0.02 0.001

Matrixport Payment Methods

Matrixport supports payments via many banking and financing networks, including international ones such as SEPA, ABA, IBAN, and SWIFT, alongside various local banking options. Customers can also purchase crypto using their credit cards.


To make deposits, a Matrixport user needs to access their account on the official app, choose the type of crypto to be deposited, enter the deposit amount, and click on the ‘Deposit’ button on the app screen. There is no maximum limit for deposits per transaction for a user who has completed KYC Level 2 or Level 3 on its respective account. Deposits usually take 1-3 business days to be reflected on the app.


Similar to deposits, Matrixport users can withdraw funds by accessing their respective accounts on the official app, choosing the currency type, entering the withdrawal amount, and then clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button on the app screen. Withdrawals are generally processed within 2-4 working days unless they’ve been put on hold for some unforeseen reason.

Supported Assets

The fiat currencies that Matrixport supports are EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, HKD, INR, NZD, RUB, etc. The supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and eCash (XEC).

Resources Offered by Matrixport 


Matrixport features a dedicated blog section designed to educate the masses about varied research topics relating to the crypto and financial space. The blog features informative articles on topics ranging from Blockchain to entrepreneurial best practices, alongside detailed, explanatory write-ups about the various Matrixport product offerings. The blog section also features information about various company announcements, news, and events.

Matrixport Blog

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The insightful news section on the company website contains top and trending stories about Matrixport, crypto assets, investment strategies, and the digital finances sphere at large. Featuring news stories from the most renowned digital and real-world publishers such as, Krasia, TheStreet, Forkast, and more, this section is apt for users looking for a quick rundown of the latest and greatest stories concerning Matrixport and its operations.


Besides the blog and news sections, another resource section is available on the Matrixport page titled ‘Learn’. This section is designed to help users quickly find articles related to the basics of crypto, along with tips and tutorials on how to become a successful crypto investor.

Learning Tutorials by Matrixport

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Matrixport Brand Ambassador Program

Matrixport offers an excellent brand ambassador program that enables users to earn extra income by introducing their friends and acquaintances to Matrixport. Brand ambassadors stand a chance to start earning hefty commissions whenever their referrals make financial transactions at Matrixport. In the beginning, all that is required to become a brand ambassador is registering for the program via the official company website. Upon successful review and approval, ambassadors can start giving out a referral code to promote Matrixport and thus earn at once.

Matrixport Customer Support

In concurrence with other reviews available on the internet, this review can also confirm that the customer support team at Matrixsport is composed of highly professional, dedicated individuals who go the extra mile to help customers in need. Anyone in need of assistance can email the team at [email protected]. Alternatively, a 24/7 live chat option is available on the official company website. However, there is also a FAQ section for users to solve small queries on their own.

Matrixport Live Chat Support

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Our Verdict: Matrixport Review

In summary, one can safely state that Matrixport is a top crypto and financial services provider that helps potential crypto investors gain access to diverse and unique crypto investment options. With an impressive product portfolio, users can invest, earn, trade, and save cryptos without any hassles.

With a simple and intuitive mobile app, support for over 30 fiat currencies and 9 cryptocurrencies, zero-fee trading options and interest-free loans, and an impressive monthly trading volume, one can easily recommend Matrixport to any savvy crypto investor who wants to work with the best minds in the crypto space. Moreover, the platform also offers a free trial coupon to new investors. Besides, the platform also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, which users can download from Google PlayStore and Appstore, respectively.


Is Matrixport Licensed & Trustable?


Yes, Matrixport is a fully licensed crypto investment and management platform that falls under the jurisdiction of several regulatory authorities, including Hong Kong Trust Company. Established in 2019, it is also a member of the Swiss FINMA SRO-VQF organization, which is one of the top global authorities to lay down regulations for companies that engage in financial activities.

How Long Does a Matrixport Payout Take?

As per our research, payout times at Matrixport can vary depending on the product or service in question. Typically, the payout amount is credited to the user’s account within 2-4 business days.

What Does Matrixport Do?

Matrixport provides users with a one-stop crypto investment platform wherein they can use their chosen crypto investment product(s) and other financial services to help grow their investment(s) exponentially.

Who Owns Matrixport?

Matrixport is not a single-owner company or a wholly-owned subsidiary. Instead, it was founded by co-founders Jihan Wu, who co-founded the highly popular and trusted Bitmain Technologies, and John Ge. Matrixport boasts a leadership team of numerous industry experts who spearhead company operations while being assisted by over 300 capable employees, having experience working with Alipay, Bitman Technologies, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Where Is Matrixport Located?

Matrixport is headquartered in Singapore. However, the company serves customers in more than 40 jurisdictions through partner offices spread across three continents.

Is There Any KYC Proof or Process Required at Matrixport?

Although new users are met with a 3-level KYC process while signing up, they can start to manage their account at once even if they do not complete the KYC process. However, to deposit or withdraw money from the account and gain access to all the features and offers available, users must complete all three levels of the KYC process.

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