Unchained Capital Review 2023

Unchain Capital is a service company that specializes in finance based on Bitcoin. Unchain capital brings many unique features to the market and stands tall in the ever-growing crypto and digital marketplaces. The company aims to build a native ecosystem for Bitcoin that offers security and an interactive platform.

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Unchained Capital Summary

Official Website https://unchained-capital.com/
Headquarters Austin
Found in 2016
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Free
Trading Pairs N/A
Trading Fees
Withdrawal Limit N/A
Withdrawal Fees $20 for individuals$125 for businesses
Customer Support FAQs & Mail

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Holding to its name, the financial services company plans to support and construct an open financial system, overcoming the limitations of conventional fiat currencies. Unchained Capital’s services include digital or cold vaults, personal and business solutions, cryptocurrency-based loans, multi-institution cold wallets, etc. Moreover, before using this Unchained Capital platform, getting Unchained Capital Review and understanding every aspect of the required information is vital. So let us get started.

Quick Overview of Unchained Capital

  • Unchained Capital is a financial services company premiering in Bitcoin.
  • The company has provided services to over 200,000 blocks.
  • It also provides premium features like multi-signature cold wallets for impeccable security.
  • Unchained Capital’s catalog of customized services can simplify business processes.
  • Dedicated business accounts come with cutting-edge features.
  • Compatible services to make use of one’s existing hard wallets.

What is Unchained Capital?

As discussed, Unchained Capital is a finance services company that provides users with various crypto-based services and personal savings accounts. The company maintains its niche to be Bitcoin, although they also offer a crypto loan, distributed keys to digital lockers, multisig cold storage vaults, and much more.

They maintain an impressive block height of 433,179 and certainly seem to shine brighter than the ones around. Having offered services to about half of their block height, the team behind the services takes pride in their responsiveness and pleasant experience for the clients.

How much control the clients have regarding their assets is a huge advantage for every user as it allows for easy management of the cryptocurrency. The company also enables users to connect to various cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin price fluctuation is paid due diligence with Unchained Capital, and users are contacted via email to make them aware of the significant changes if it needs urgent attention.

Unchained Capital Review InterfaceUnchained Capital Reviews – Platform Interface

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How Does Unchained Capital Work?

Being a Bitcoin-focused financial services company, Unchained Capital offers various services for beginners and advanced crypto traders. Each of their multi-institution solutions can benefit both personal or business-oriented users. For maximum security, the cold storage service is also available and the multi-institution cold wallets.

The company allows the users to retain 2-of-3 private keys that control their Bitcoin, but users manage 1 of the three keys for multi institutions. There is an amount limit on cryptocurrency-based loans that also limit the surge across the market. Unchained Capital offers competitive and reasonable pricing for what they bring to the table and can be a good choice for many individuals.

Key Features of Unchained Capital 

  • Unchained Capital offers quick and easy loans that are backed by cryptocurrency.
  • Various other features of Unchained Capital include their impeccable security standards and high regard for user experience.
  • Specializing in Bitcoin, safe loans are available for both individuals and businesses.
  • Unchained Capital also has a highly regarded authentication method over traditional ones solely based on emails and phone numbers.
  • The fundamental private architecture for the platform is a few notches above most of the other players in the segment.
  • An assistive concierge service that can support a new user navigate through the platform is a unique touch that is usually lacking in most platforms and services.
  • A positive review from the existing customers and thoughtful features mean that Unchained Capital ranks worthy mentions.

Unchained Capital Reviews - FeaturesUnchained Capital Reviews – Features

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Key Services Offered by Unchained Capital

  • Unchained Capital offers a long list of services for cryptocurrencies with a high focus on Bitcoin. Unchained Capital offers multisig cold storage vaults. Unlike most decentralized assets and ledgers, these cold storage vaults are maintained offline and considered one of the highest security measures. One’s existing hardware wallet can also be used along with the company’s services instead of becoming redundant. If you are someone who prefers hardware wallets, this can be the deciding factor per your needs.
  • Unchained Capital also offers vaults. Individuals can store their digital assets, cryptocurrencies, their credentials, etc. These vaults have distinct features for a personal or a business bank account. Managing Bitcoin holdings becomes especially easy with the help of Unchained Capital.
  • Easy and instant loans are a part of the catalog of the company’s services. International loans (specifically, cryptocurrency loans) that do not consider the credit score or the lack of credit score checks can benefit a diverse range of individuals, whether they need personal loans or business loans. Private loans based on fiat currencies or traditional company loans stand to become obsolete as crypto loan provider(s) become the new bank teller.
  • With unchained capital, individuals can also plan for their future and switch to Bitcoin-based assets as they start to consider it from an investment viewpoint. Depositing funds and buying Bitcoin can occur during the same business day, making it a swift and efficient process.

Unchained Capital Reviews - ServicesUnchained Capital Reviews – Services

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Unchained Capital Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It brings a niche set of services to the crypto marketplace. Unavailable in certain regions due to local laws, policies, and regulations.
Competitive pricing in the market for the list of services. The minimum amount limit on the loans can discourage users.
Easy and seamless loan application. Market fluctuations have a greater impact.
Does not check the credit score while issuing the loan. The Last margin call in every case might increase risks.
High standard of safety and security.

Unchained Capital Personal Loans

The company offers Unchained Capital Loans that are based on blockchain and do not require a credit check. Traditional fiat loans might discourage most individuals, but the way through Bitcoin-backed loans is something you can get with a simple and easy process. In the case of Unchained Capital loans, the users keep 2 out of 3 private keys, thus, adding control on the assets. Users can create a vault for their assets or collaterals, and they can also choose to upload their private keys from hardware wallets. The whole procedure of getting a personal loan becoming even more fluent with the help of Unchained Capital’s Concierge feature.

Unchained Capital Commercial Loans

Unchained Capital loans for businesses can become a powerful and effective tool for any commercial establishment. Their multi-user-friendly platform is intuitive, and up to 15 members’ joint custody of the asset management system is supported. Unchained’s collaborative custody can be leveraged by the users for many other financial institutions and still maintain total control over the keys.

Benefits of Using Unchained CapitalBenefits of Using Unchained Capital

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How to Apply for Unchained Capital?

Getting an account set up and running is hassle-free and optimal. New users can enter their credentials on the company website and create an account. Individuals must fill out their names, email IDs, phone numbers, and a few other details as a part of the industry-standard KYC practice.

When it comes to applying for Unchained Capital loans, primarily Bitcoin loans are the ones they offer. Claiming to offer one of the most secure services, Unchained provides services in many states across the U.S. The bare minimum amount of loan for personal use is $10,000, and on the other hand, it is $100,000 for companies. This might filter out a part of their demographic, and if you are someone who does not fulfill this criterion, you should continue your search for your ideal platform.

Unchained Capital Reviews - Sign Up ProcessUnchained Capital Reviews – Sign Up Process

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Unchained Capital Interest Rates

Unchained Capital has consistently been offering competitive prices and rate cards. However, the introduction of Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) has complicated things for the Unchained Capital. If your desired amount is within the range of the company’s offerings, you can get lucrative rates. The average rate for a loan with a period of up to 1 year is about 11% (approximately). This includes the origination fee and interest rate. These rates vary as their respective purposes change too. At 40% Loan-to-value, the interests & rates are applied to loans and vary from region to region. Although to know the rates in detail check the below table:-

Term Interest Rate Origination Fee Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
3-month 9.25% 0.50% 11.16%
6-month 10.00% 0.75% 11.41%
1-year 11.00% 1.00% 11.92%
2-year 12.50% 1.00% 12.90%
3-year 14.00% 1.00% 14.22%

How Much Loan Can You Borrow at Unchained Capital?

The Unchained Capital loans come with both an upper and a lower limit for the loan regardless of its borrower being an individual or a company. As it appears, currently, the company is only loans of up to 3 years. The loans taken out for personal use have a minimum amount of $10,000 (a high minimum loan) and a maximum of $1,000,000. However, when it comes to international loans, the lower limit is 100,000, and the upper limit is the same. The loans can be approved as quickly as within a week. The private keys are shared among both parties and are unilateral.

Unchained Capital Loan TermsUnchained Capital Loan Terms

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Unchained Capital Security

Security is treated with very high regard at Unchained Capital (as it seems). With cutting-edge features like private critical architecture (more efficient than 2FA, two-factor authentication) and a safe platform, the company maintains a reputation as one of the safest service providers in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency domain.

Under their private key architecture, multi-institution custody of the keys takes the list of security features to a more significant number.

Multisig vaults and cold wallet storage options are also on the table for those who wish to expand their headroom on the platform. The key point is multi-signature here, which is a functionality that is not common to observe.

Unchained Capital Taxes

Services provided by Unchained Capital can also be redeemed while filing taxes. Users can borrow funds to make a tax transaction and keep their Bitcoin as collateral. There are many ways to manage one’s tax penalties through Unchained Capital’s platform. Crypto gains can be dealt with more effectively, and the taxes can be reduced by using loans to make payments for tax purposes. If the gains are more significant than the taxes, they can be used better. Simply put, instead of paying a substantial amount in crypto-gain taxes, pay a smaller amount as interest for the loan and thus, save money.

Unchained Capital Customer Support

The company seems to have been maintaining excellent customer support and have been prompt to solve any issues or guide a new user throughout the process of getting started with the platform and build their vault (or list of services) particular to Bitcoin.

The detailed section of FAQs on the company website also does a fine job of explaining the different things that individuals might want to know as they begin to get started with the services of Unchained Capital.

Unchained Capital Reviews - Customer Support of Unchained CapitalUnchained Capital Reviews – Customer Support of Unchained Capital

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Our Verdict

Unchained Capital is one of the best bitcoin lending sites and has a security mechanism in place to ensure that your collateral is protected if the value of bitcoin fluctuates. You will be alerted through email if there is a substantial price movement in the value of bitcoin. You will be notified that bitcoin is under threat of liquidation. In this scenario, you will need to deposit more collateral or make a principal payment in USD. If the price of bitcoin skyrockets, you can obtain a collateral return if the principal-to-collateral ratio surpasses 250 percent. Your request will be fulfilled within 30 days of the loan’s commencement date and the final margin call.


Is Unchained Capital Safe?

Unchained Capital has kept a good track record of its security standards. The latest and efficient safety protocols and the private key architecture make it one of the safest platforms.

How Does Unchained Capital Make Money?

Unchained Capital has two primary sources of generating profits. Either the company relies on the fees and interests charged from the users who use their crypto loan services or gets the fee paid for their cryptocurrency-related features like their cold wallets, personal and business solutions for a large base of customers.

How Long Does It Take to Process a New Loan at Unchained Capital?

Since the loans do not undergo a credit check, they are relatively faster and more efficient than fiat currency-based loans. Once the users have completed the entire process, loans can get approved within a week, and the funds are transferred to the blockchain address of the respective individual.

Will Taking a Loan With Unchained Capital Affect My Credit?

Taking a loan with Unchained Capital does not affect the borrower’s credit. Crypto-backed loans are based upon different criteria of approval and do not affect one’s credit.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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