Best Altcoin Games Sites 2021: Top Sites to Play Altcoin Games!

What Are Altcoin Games?

The gamblers are already familiar with the popularity of cryptocurrency. Gambling is a test of the gambler’s trade and trading strategies. In line with this, bitcoin and a range of crypto casinos offer casino games that are played using cryptocurrency to improve user experience. The game can be played on an app or a website. Note that BTC is not the only cryptocurrency available in the digital gaming industry. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges or casinos that support other cryptos other than BTC are said to be altcoin-supported platforms. Online altcoin games offer anonymous transactions, additional security, provably fair games, and has no financial institutions governing the platform, making it risk free.

Currently, more than 70 altcoin for games are available in the world. Many altcoins and altcoin games have not reached the BTC value. Some of them do offer low transaction fees, faster exchanges, and withdrawals of winnings, and cost less compared to BTC. The fluctuations in the crypto market is making the market volatile, which can be a risk factor for beginners to battle in.

How Do Altcoin Games Work?

In the traditional gaming environment, all digital assets, like the in-built currency, skins, characters, weapons, and cars, are owned and controlled by the developers. However, in altcoin games, the gamers own the items acquired in the gaming process with not much investment required. 

Online altcoin games are created on the cryptocurrency blockchain network that unites all the connected computer systems and gives equal rights of control and power to the creators and gamblers. Crypto games implemented on the blockchain space have two purposes. In altcoin for games, the software developers can develop the best crypto games on the blockchain or can use them for in-game purchases with currency.

In the latter case, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are used for the in-game digital currencies while the former allows interactions within the game to be stored and verified in new blocks in the crypto blockchain networks. 

How to Earn Altcoins from Games?

Altcoin games have introduced a wide range of fun variants into the gaming world for casino gamblers. Altcoin for games provides free crypto tokens to maintain customer loyalty towards the website. The play-to-earn feature is available for anyone that wants to play online altcoin games. By downloading the best gaming app that allows gamblers to earn free altcoins, the gamers can elevate their winning numbers.

Play-to-earn allows gamblers to earn Bitcoin and altcoins by accumulating points and clearing the gaming levels. The points can be redeemed either in the form of cryptocurrency or real money. Every casino platform has a list of zero deposit games that allow gamblers to play-to-earn for free after winning without making any crypto purchases. Just like trading skills, these games also require an element of cryptocurrency gambling skills for winnings. The right technique will help the trading players to cash out their number of points to real money.

Advantages of Playing Altcoin Games

Altcoin offers umpteen advantages for all cryptocurrency casino gamblers. Here are some of the top advantages that crypto trading players must be aware of for a better understanding of gambling with altcoins:- 


It is no news that online gambling with money is illegal and impossible to play in several countries of the world. Altcoins offer the best way to avoid the risk of gambling and restriction. The trading players from any corner of the world can have fun without revealing their personal information, eliminating further risk. 

Every crypto transaction is protected and their privacy remains intact. Anonymity is one of the greatest reasons why players love to pay with altcoins but there is still a chance that the transaction history may be revealed but this happens only in a few bitcoin casino sites that use only Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies.


The altcoins are much faster to pay with than BTC in terms of online gambling when the crypto trading players wish to withdraw their winnings as fast as possible. Speed is a prime determining factor when choosing the best gambling altcoin companies. 

Ethereum comes second in terms of popularity, after BTC and it is one of the fastest digital currencies in the world. It can execute transactions within 10 to 15 seconds, whereas BTC requires almost 20 minutes to complete. Much faster than ETH is Litecoin that needs around 2 minutes to finalize the crypto token transaction.


A massive number of crypto trading players consider altcoins as a tool for investment since the value of every crypto token is changing constantly. These digital assets are invested for the long-term with the intention to catch the growing values, which the players can use to have fun with gambling. Hence, to avoid risks of losing money, users are advised to seek the suggestions of the crypto token experts before making a number of altcoin investments. 

Disadvantages of Playing Altcoin Games

Although a number of trading gamblers and companies are shifting towards altcoin gambling for the rewards, contests, anonymity, safety, and security features. They often experience certain drawbacks mentioned below:-

Lack of Choice

Crypto companies that accept only smaller altcoins do not give much scope to discover. The best crypto platform supports Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. The trading players may have difficulty finding casinos that support Ripple’s XRP. Many of these best crypto casinos do not allow direct transfer of funds for certain altcoins to avoid the risk. This means the trading players first have to convert them into crypto coins, Bitcoin or Ethereum, to have fun with the play-to-earn features or withdraw their winnings.


Volatility is a double edged sword. Altcoins are highly volatile, which means the value of these digital assets changes significantly. Losing money is a huge risk but with thorough understanding, the correct trading skills, or trading strategies, gambling with altcoins can be done profitably by the companies and the players.

Difference Between Altcoin Games and Regular Games

Regular games do not provide risk free transactions and usually take about a week to complete since the software providers are required to comply with rules and regulations that sometimes become over-burdening. Secondly, regular contests require their gamblers to meet the KYC standards, further making it time-consuming. 

Lastly, compared to regular games, altcoin games or altcoin online games offer extra security, risk free environment, and anonymity, which is a catch for the players as regular games are easy to hack and the results can be manipulated in the favour of the casino operators. 

Apart from these basic differences between altcoin for games and regular games, there is an interesting similarity between the two. Both these types of games are developed by the same leading software developers. The traders engaged at a regular casino can avail the same contests with several other variants at altcoin casinos with lower costs and higher speeds. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Gaming Altcoins Site

With the rising popularity and hype for cryptocurrencies in different digital platforms, including the crypto casinos, finding the best gambling altcoins site or app becomes a Herculean task. The guide below will help the traders looking for the best altcoin game site or app. 

Licensing and Safety

First things first, while choosing an altcoin casino, the most important factor to consider is whether the casino platform is licensed, risk free, and safe to use. A casino is known for offering massive cash outs but if they are not licensed under a reputable and reliable regulatory agency, the risk increases.

Apart from security and license, the player should also ensure if the platform offers a responsible gambling environment and apply the best trading strategies. The best altcoin platform ensures a break from crypto gambling whenever the players feel like. 

Cryptocurrency Compatibility

All crypto casinos enable players to deposit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or altcoins, but few enable wagering with crypto. Traders can sign up, deposit their crypto coins, convert them to fiat before they can start trading. 

For this conversion, the trade player needs to pay a certain percentage as conversion fees. It is important to verify whether they are legit as they allow them to join, make deposits, and play in cryptocurrencies. 

Altcoin Bonuses

Most casinos with altcoin games offer a plethora of bonuses and promotions, including free spins, tournaments, and VIP programs. This is a big factor to consider while choosing the best altcoin game site or app. Bonus packages include sign-up bonuses, welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus along with multiple free spins. Trading players must read the terms and conditions of their chosen casino before they register at the casino to gamble in a risk free environment. 

Crypto Games Galore

Apart from checking the bonuses and compatibility of the altcoin game site or app, users must also test whether their favorite contests titles like Minecraft games are available at the casino. There is no point in having thousands of game titles if the preferred ones are missing from the list. Hence, it is important to carry out some groundwork on the software providers their game titles, and which companies sponsor them before choosing the best platform to gamble at. 

Third-party Reviews

Third-party reviews provide an accurate and honest depiction of the customer experience about the overall gambling experience of the platform in general. 

The trading players can get a clear idea of the incompetence and flaws in the casino operation that they would not have discovered otherwise. Note that there are hundreds of user reviews but beware of those who overly appreciate or praise an altcoin casino. Some operators pay individuals to give positive reviews even though they have not played at the casino ever.

Altcoin Games Guide: Factors You Should Know Before!

New trading players in the crypto sector sometimes find themselves clueless as the news provides different information about altcoins and blockchain. The gamblers require an altcoins games guide for a better understanding, more information is provided below:- 

Rules to Play Altcoin Games

Every altcoin game is beginner-friendly and lightweight. This means that all kinds of gamblers, including learning gamblers or seasoned gamblers, with high gambling and trading skills, can participate in the gambling experience with altcoins without worrying about the risky hassles of gambling. The altcoin gambling mobile app and the web browser are compatible on any mobile or computer device and overheating issues are a rare scene. 

The rules concerning altcoin gaming are quite simple, the payouts are extremely lucrative with generous bonuses, promotions, and free spins. Each game offers a different set of rules but the general rule is the same for all. Play-to-earn and win, deposit funds in altcoins, play as many games as the gamblers want, and sell the non-fungible trade tokens for profits. 

Strategies to Play Altcoin Games Like a Pro!

The altcoin games are basically video games running on blockchain networks, requiring certain trade strategies. It involves partially or completely distributed ledgers, offering gamblers verifiable ownership on the digital products in the altcoin game. 

Consequently, a player that trades or has been trading with these products with crypto coins or a token can exchange them for real money. It is essential to keep gambling play-to-earn titles to increase the winnings and use them to play more. 

Future of Altcoin Games

Altcoins have become a worldwide phenomenon in the last decade. Several industries, including online casinos, and crypto exchanges are advancing because of the convenience offered by cryptocurrencies. For example, according to a report presented by Wax, about 75% of online gamblers want to sell, trade, or gamble with virtual assets.

The data clearly states that there is a need for more casinos to adopt cryptocurrencies and more casinos to offer altcoin games as crypto has made its existence significant. Crypto games allow gamblers to trade, deposit, and collect digital assets that can be converted to any local fiat currency in the world. Even for beginners, the learning curve is quite steep. Hence, altcoin games offer the online industry and its users an anonymous, safe, and secure way to gamble and make money! 


Online altcoin games aim to constantly work on progression to become a world-class choice for all online casinos that offer a responsible and safe gaming environment to every potential player across the world. More online casinos are introducing altcoin for games apart from BTC games with honest measures. Altcoin games are an example for the gambling industry as more gamblers join the crypto casinos to enjoy the benefits that come with an altcoin. 


Are Altcoin Games Legal?

If gambling is legal in your country, altcoin games are also legal.

Can You Earn Altcoins by Playing Games?

Yes, play-to-earn games allow that. All trading players in the crypto community can earn and trade free altcoins by gambling altcoin games. 

Is It Worth to Play Altcoin Games?

Yes. Gambling and trading with altcoins can be valuable since you make money from it. The most dedicated gamblers can also get tangible rewards and sell and design collectible items. 

Is Altcoin for Games Good?

Compared to Bitcoin, altcoins come with a bunch of advantages that may improve the gambling experience. It offers faster transactions and withdrawals, lower costs, and added anonymity and security to secure your hard-earned money.

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