League of Kingdoms Review: How to Play and Earn!

League of Kingdoms is the ideal game for you if you are a strategy game master and believe the time has come to pay to loot and plunder opponents. The game offers so many entertaining and lucrative opportunities that it might drive all simple strategy games off the market. There has never been a better moment to play Blockchain video games. Read our League of Kingdoms review to find out more.

The Blockchain-based MMORTS strategy game League of Kingdoms has all the bells and whistles. Every piece of land is an NFT and belongs to users on the Genesis continent, where all games occur, civilizations develop, and wars develop. Genesis continent means the continent where the epic of League of Kingdoms will unfold.

It is the first and last League of Kingdoms continent that can be owned by users. And it is the home of all the genesis coordinates and the underlying continent Building your own kingdoms allows you to own, play, and earn prizes. An ecosystem shaped by users will be autonomous and decentralized. The game environment and token ecology are both covered in this article’s basic structure.

League of Kingdoms Game User Interface

Overview of League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is one of the earliest Blockchain-based MMO strategy games. In a world where all the terrain is made up of NFTs, skins, and other game assets, players will create kingdoms, mine resources, battle monsters (PvE), and compete against other kingdoms (PvP), or join alliances (MMO). The design and gameplay are similar to mobile strategy cryptocurrency games like Rising of Kingdoms. The treasure and skill system in the League of Kingdoms is one of its distinctive aspects. Some artifacts can be crafted and utilized to unlock special magical abilities to use in gameplay.

League of Kingdoms Summary

Official Website https://www.leagueofkingdoms.com/
Stage Live
Genre MMO Strategy game
Device Web, Android, iOS
Blockchain Ethereum, and Polygon
Reward DST & LOKA tokens

Rarer NFT rewards

Daily DAI rewards

Free/Paid Free
Token League of Kingdoms

LoK differs from other strategy games in that players may only acquire in-game assets through them. However, the resources, in-game purchases, and land in LoK can be minted as NFTs and traded in the real world for cash. League of Kingdoms is playable on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. The League of Kingdom’s gameplay is simple and slick. Let’s discuss how to create a kingdom, how to collaborate with others, and other intriguing aspects of the League of Kingdoms gameplay review.

League of Kingdoms Game Guide: How to Play!

In League of Kingdoms, players are in charge of managing and improving their castles. They can erect various buildings in their castles, including farms, barracks, gold mines, quarries, timber camps, etc. These structures provide access to essential resources, including food, stone, gold, timber, and soldiers. They can enhance the kingdom’s status as a whole by building new structures and upgrading existing ones in their castle because the two are intertwined. As your kingdom level relies on the castle level, always upgrade buildings. Players are also in charge of how the kingdom they lead develops technologically.

Players can create an academy in their kingdom, join an alliance to use the research facility, and level up their lords by acquiring mastery points to improve new technologies in industry and warfare. The kingdom’s overall production and military capabilities will increase thanks to these three primary methods of developing new technologies.

League of Kingdoms GamePlay

Infantry, archers, and cavalry are the three primary unit kinds in the game, and each has five different tiers. If they choose to invest in the technologies that a particular sort of troop needs, players might concentrate on that troop type from a tactical standpoint. Since each unit type has advantages and weaknesses, the players’ gameplay strategy and the training process are completely up to them.

PvE, PvP, and MMO warfare scenarios are all available in League of Kingdoms. Players send their forces out to battle and hunt creatures in PvE. The majority of monster hunts may typically be completed alone; however, a few special monsters necessitate the cooperation of multiple players. Attacking the kingdom-building of other players is the main objective of the game’s PvP gameplay. Players can join alliances to defeat formidable foes or take over enemy territory and govern the entire continent.

Hold a plot of land on the genesis continent. You will always have perpetual ownership of that particular coordinate on any other continents that the Ethereum Blockchain will create in the future. The MMO features a variety of content, including events, the impending Guild War game, and Continent against. Continent (CvC), Shrine and Congress, and more.

Building Kingdom

Constructions are the building blocks of a kingdom, and they are constructed on the land you purchased at the game’s commencement. It will take time, and you need to spend real money to complete this process. Higher levels need more significant time and resource commitments but also higher levels of productivity. The level of your castles, which are found in the middle, determines the level of a kingdom.

A robust line of defense is essential for any powerful nation. We need research to improve battle and output, and hence League of Kingdoms building guide is essential. Cavalry speed is one of the capabilities of battle technologies, and resource-gathering speed is one of the productivity-enhancing capabilities of production technologies.

Three basic paths can be taken to obtain and enhance technologies:-

Academy: Invest time and money in upgrading academy technology at the structures of the academy. Your marching troop capacity and numbers, such as HP, attack, defense, and speed, will upgrade academy technology, allowing you to train higher-tier soldiers. It protects it from defeating monsters outside your kingdoms.

Alliance Technology: A range of new technologies developed by alliance members after joining an alliance. New technologies boost resource production, gathering efficiency, capacity, and other factors. Strong alliances protect you from invading enemies’ attacks and give you the freedom to interact with other players, construct things with them, and launch coordinated rallies against enemy attacks.

Mastery: Possessing a wide range of cutting-edge technologies after earning enough mastery points. You can get these points by fighting monsters and improving your lord’s rank. Another essential element in establishing a stable monarchy is military development. There are three types of troops: infantry, archers, and cavalry. Each category has 5 ranks as well. One army type can be strengthened over another by investing in the aforementioned research and technologies.

Earn Mastery Points in League of Kingdoms

Farming and Hunting

As per our League of Kingdoms crypto game review, the five primary resources are Food, Wood, Stone, Gold, and Crystals. You will also require a lot of resources production with other supplementary items. You can either go farming in the woods or harvest them in your kingdom. All primary resources, except for the crystal, can also be gathered from fields inside your fortress. Crystal mines are sporadic and hard to find.

To obtain resources, earn rewards, and raise your lord’s level, you can hunt monsters. The rarity of the items a monster drops depends on its rank. Some uncommon species may even provide you with experience points (EXP), and for that, you need to explore the League of Kingdoms mastery guide to know how to use EXPs to improve your mastery skills.

Farming and Hunting at League of Kingdoms


Another feature found in every game is the Alliance System, which enables players to establish and join forces to work together for trade relations. Kingdoms are protected from invasion by alliances. To make crucial decisions and rule the entire Continent, the Alliances elect representatives to the Continental Congress. A Kingdom has access to riches, resources, and technology through a trusted and strong Alliance that it would not have access to on its own. Players create alliances in League of Kingdoms games to gain communal advantages. You can spend the coin you receive from donations in the alliance to purchase beneficial items from the alliance shop.

League of Kingdoms Alliance


You must kill monsters and invade the kingdoms of other players to increase your territory or acquire more valuable resources. There are three types of combat. You can decide which one you believe is most appropriate for you.


Your goal in this mode is to defeat monsters outside of your kingdom. Monsters come in wide different varieties. Players can march to hunt monsters that live on several continents and resource farms to gather useful items like food, wood, stone, gold, and rare crystals. The “trial of agony” and monster invasion modes will potentially be accompanied by the start of various monster battles.


Players can engage in combat with other players to defend their possessions and lands. Users can use their treasure items to boost their troops and apply debuff skills against opposing castles during combat. More PvP content may be released in the future to improve the PvP gaming experience.


Massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy games that are centered on creating civilizations and controlling the gaming ecosystem are one of the most well-liked game genres. Participate in gaming events and enjoy playing on the same game server with hundreds of other players worldwide. In alliance conflicts, players can team up with other online combatants. There are other alliance-based events, such as Shrine Siege and CvC (Continent to Continent) matches.

League of Kingdoms MMO Strategy Game


In the League of Kingdoms universe, there are two methods to earn money. The first is through selling resources in the market; the resources you earn in the game can be tokenized, turned into NFT, and then sold. By holding NFTs, gamers can earn cryptocurrency. To reward active players and landlords receive part of the gaming fees. Active players and landlords receive compensation in part from the gaming fees. On NFT markets, players can also exchange game components. The landowner gets 5% of the resources gathered, which can be utilized to mine NFTs or benefit the kingdom.

Resource: League of Kingdoms

You need to gather resources like farms, lumber camps, and gold mines to build a powerful kingdom. Your pals can assist you by providing speed enhancements for particular jobs. They can also cut down on the amount of time needed for a specific project. Upgrading different structures is possible up to 30 levels. Having a Golden Pillar is required at this level’s maximum. A Golden pillar must be purchased with crystals to be obtained. There are several resources in the League of Kingdoms, including corn, gold, stone, crystals, and lumber.


Every time the game play time passes, lumber is created, and accumulated lumber can be issued as NFT and traded at OpenSea. Lumber is a key resource in the game.


Another crucial resource for defeating opponents and expanding your influence in the League of Kingdoms Blockchain game is corn.


Gold is another essential resource because it can improve everything in the game.


Besides quest rewards or NFT purchases, there is also in-game stone mining.


Players in the game mine all materials except crystals. Only money can be used to purchase crystals. A player will receive a development point when they amass more than 100,000x in resources on the land. This point can be used to upgrade your kingdom.

League of Kingdoms Tokenomics

The primary token used in the game is $LOKA. It’s an ERC-20 utility with a 500,000,000 $LOKA maximum token supply. The LOKL token, which has a DAI reward pool and tokenized real estate, supports the entire game ecosystem.

Private Sale receives 6.2% of the $LOKA token allocation, followed by 5% for the Binance Launchpad Sale and the Land Reward, 20% for the Team and Staking Lucrative Rewards, and 2%, 9.8%, and 19% each for the Games Reward, Advisors, Reserve, and Ecosystem.

League of Kingdoms Tokenomics

As League of Kingdoms’ native governance and utility token, $LOKA allows users to buy, sell, and trade in-game resources and vote on game choices. Players can also use $LOKA to mint NFTs and stake them for additional incentives. Another tradable utility token in the League of Kingdoms ecosystem, Dragon Soul Token (DST), is comparable to the SLP token of Axie Infinity. With it, brand-new Dragos are produced in the game as NFTs.

What Are the NFTs in League of Kingdoms NFT Game?

Players in League of Kingdoms can purchase land, cultivate resources, gather non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more in the official game store. League of Kingdoms offers two different kinds of NFTs: LANDs and Totems.


Selecting LAND from the site’s main navigation bar will take you to the ENTER LAND PORTAL, where you can learn more about land and buy it straight from League of Kingdoms. LAND is similar to virtual property in LoK. The cost of the land in the first land sale in December 2020 ranged from $13 to $240.

To advance in the game and get rewards, you must work on both your property and the lands of other players. You can gather resources to make LAND, which you can use to trade, market, or build other things. You should be aware that every resource you use to build the LAND is a digital asset (NFTs). The LAND is thus a collection of NFT resources.

Dev points will be added to your land as a result of various development tasks that you or other kingdoms (generic gaming gamers) complete. The Dev-point will affect your daily DAI rewards as well as the quality of resources that spawn on your Land level during the upcoming cycle. Every empire is powered by LAND. Each of the 65,536 LAND tokens available to players can hold 16 kingdoms and correspond to 4×4 squares of virtual real estate.

League of Kingdoms NFT: LAND


A totem is a historically significant artifact or relic symbolizing the territory beneath it. It can be positioned on any Land and is non-transferable. Each of these artifacts has a unique set of magical properties. A free totem box will be provided to the original landowners for each piece of pre-sale property. The totem boxes will be given out as in-game items that can be exchanged for actual cash.

Play to Earn Mechanics in League of Kingdoms

As a free-to-play game, League of Kingdoms does not require that players possess the land to play. However, owning land makes players more involved in the game because they get extra NFT tokens and their NFT land tokens. Because landowners receive 10% of the net revenue from player in-app purchases and 5% of each resource harvested in-game, owning land is a passive source of income. As a result, it will be simpler and safer to establish ownership, acquire LOKA, and switch to a form of governance that allows citizens to pick their own leaders and build stronger alliances.

How to Earn in League of Kingdoms NFT Game?

In the game, there are primarily two ways to gain money. First, users who own land have the potential to make passive money. Each landowner gets 5% of the game resources that players collect on their land, and 10% of the game’s net revenue from in-app purchases is divided among landowners in DAI tokens (USD stablecoin). Players can earn money by working on the land or selling resources like NFTs on OpenSea. Furthermore, users have the option of trading virtual land as a commodity.

At the first primary land sale in December, the lowest level property was bought for $13, while level 2 was listed for $25. There were a total of six different land levels, with the most expensive one costing $240. For instance, a $15 ETH land asset generates more than $60 in monthly revenue. As League of Kingdoms develops, more servers will be added, potentially boosting revenue. The coordinates of each landowner are the same across servers.

Owning game resources, coining them as NFTs, and selling them on OpenSea is the second way to make money. This is intended for gamers who don’t want to spend money to get an NFT.

How to Earn in League of Kingdoms NFT Game?

League of Kingdoms: Roadmap

Some of the top video and other games in the League of Kingdoms genre are the DeFi Kingdom, Poly Monsters, Axie Infinity, SandBox, Decentraland, and more immersive ones like Illuvium and PolkaCity. Bottom line League of Kingdoms is one of the best NFT games that requires patience, strategy, and time.

A more inclusive community must be created, and the League of Kingdoms must be positioned inside the GameFi ecosystem to support these external marketplace platforms.

The creation of the game’s framework was the focus of the roadmap. This includes the creation of tokenomics, private token sales, smart contracts, and TGE planning. The public sale of the $LOKA token, the launch of the Dragon Soul token, the launch of the NFT marketplace, the “Guild war” tournament, and the Dragonian arena are all intended to advance the development of a Play-to-Earn system in 2022.

2024 will be about supporting infrastructure with the addition of governance agora, E-sports dashboard, GameFi dashboard, and Blockchain layer 2. Decentralization will be highlighted in 2024 when the League of Kingdoms develops into a fully-fledged metaverse with social media features, NFT interoperability bridges, and more.

League of Kingdoms Review: Conclusion


Should you participate in this game? Yes, without a doubt, as there is nothing more enjoyable than playing a game that is completely free to play and with play-to-earn mechanics. League of Kingdoms is among the best NFT games based on the Ethereum Blockchain; the battle system is just as good as in some well-known strategy games, and you won’t get tired of playing it. If you’re just here for pleasure, this can be one of your best options for a strategy game.

Additionally, League of Kingdoms is a wonderful option if you want to play the game to earn some additional cash because it is totally free to download and play. Make sure you select a peaceful state to farm some resources freely. If you decide to play League of Kingdoms for financial gain, just pick a tranquil state to farm some resources freely. After reading this League of Kingdoms full review, if you’re still interested in giving it a try, sign up and start playing.


Is League of Kingdoms Safe?

League of Kingdoms is a Blockchain-based NFT game where you can actually own and trade some of the assets and earn real money. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest strategy games ever created; it’s amazing. Additionally, it is accessible to everyone and secured.

How to Make Money in League of Kingdoms NFT Game?

Yes, you already know in our review of League of Kingdoms that you can earn money by playing League of Kingdoms. You can also turn in-game resources into NFT and sell them to Opensea to profit. To make money, players can trade the resources gained while playing on the market or the resources minted and harvested in the game can be tokenized and then converted to NFTs.

What is the Best Wallet for League of Kingdoms?

In League of Kingdoms and in many NFT games, Metamask is the most often used Ethereum wallet. A Metamask account may be created quickly and easily by following a few simple steps. After making your Metamask Wallet, you are now ready to play League of Kingdoms.

Is League of Kingdoms Free to Play?

Yes, League of kingdoms is a free-to-play MMO strategy game. In this game, players can build their kingdom, train the army, conquer the lands, and earn crypto.

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