Blankos Block Party Review: Jump Into An Enticing Party Game

Blankos Block party is a free-to-play, online multiplayer party game developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games. It was officially released in December 2020. However, after two years, Blankos game became the first title to appear in the Epic Games Store. In Blankos, players can enjoy impressive graphics quality, purchase and win playable NFTs, develop characters by purchasing loot, accessories, and clothing, and sell them in the Mythical marketplace. The fun game was developed by a popular company in the industry called Mythical Games. In this Blankos Block Party review, we’ll discover what makes Blankos innovative.

Blankos Block Party Summary

Official Website
Stage Live
Platform Windows & MAC
Blockchain Ethereum & EOS
Reward Party Pass system
Free/Paid Free
Token Moola and Blankos Bucks

According to the developers of Blankos Block Party, the game primarily offers a gaming platform, but secondarily, it acts as a Blockchain-powered investment platform. There are two ways of how to earn on Blankos with and without real money investments. Blankos are collectible digital vinyl toys that entertain and live in the Junction world. Players who play the game can get Blanko for free after completing Party Pass tasks or buying them from the marketplace. Players can build their experiences, set up game levels, and define their own rules without knowing any coding skills.

Blankos Block Party User Interface

This review of Blankos Block Party highlights important topics like how to make money on Blankos Block Party, how to play Blankos Block Party, how to earn rewards in Blankos Block party, and many more. We have provided other essential aspects in this Blankos Block Party crypto game review, such as the mechanics, gameplay, game modes, advantages and disadvantages, tips & hacks, and many more.

Why Pay Attention to Blankos Block Party?

Those who have already started playing Blankos would know that the game is based on a free-to-play model which does not require any financial investment. The game characters are called Blanko and are made in an impressive style of the industry-popular Funko POP digital toys that look adorable. Each Blanko is a non-fungible token that players can hold and sell in the marketplace at a higher price. 

As per Blankos Block Party full review, the game is built for all players to enjoy, whereas the iconic designs have been developed by the industry‘s most talented designers, creators, and artists. The game is made in a positive and bright style that looks real and worth it.

Moreover, to understand more, you can go through a Blankos Block Party tutorial or Blankos Block Party starter guide to learn how to earn money on Blankos. This Blankos game review will also help you learn some Blankos Block Party tips and tricks on how to earn with Blankos.

Blankos Block Party Background and History

Crypto and NFTs are sometimes misunderstood, and many players lose tons of money due to this misunderstanding. Blankos Block Party developers happen to be the most trustworthy partners in the industry. The game has been brought into the limelight by Mythical Games and is co-developed by Third Kind Games. It is the 11th highest-grossing video gaming series that allows players to enjoy and explore the attributes of the incredible game. 

In addition, the company acquired funding of $150 million in 2021, and the current valuation of the company is $1.25 billion. The game has witnessed tremendous growth since its launch in 2020 and has gathered more than 1 million registered players. The project and related titles have witnessed great Blankos Block Party reviews, and the playable characters and NFT items are specially created to promote them. 

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Unlike other crypto games, Blankos Block Party has no cryptocurrency. Still, it uses in-game tokens known as Blankos Bucks and Moola. Players who choose to play the Blankos Block game will not earn crypto coins from playing the video game but will gain rewards in Blankos Bucks, Moola, and other NFT items when they complete their challenges. Moola can purchase Emotes and other non-NFT accessories, whereas Blankos Bucks are a more powerful currency that NFT items can purchase. Players can save Blanko Bucks as they progress and accumulate enough tokens to buy their own Blanko and NFT accessories.

Blankos Block Party: Play-to-Earn Game!
By playing games with NFT Blankos money and customizing them according to the requirements of the players, they can increase their scarcity and rarity and hence, affect the value of the items. They can also earn real-world money by selling Blankos and NFT items to other gamers in the Mythical Marketplace. Game creators occasionally realize limited and special edition Blanko non-fungible tokens that can further increase their value by leveling up to GradeUp, and having new color combinations using MashUp or Gumballs.

Blankos Block Party Gameplay 

While playing Blankos, players can enjoy their fun gameplay either in their world or the world created by other players. This requires players to know how to earn in Blankos Block Party and use the game’s software development tools and public kits. Creating a fun world does not require any skill or experience in coding, as players can design their unique worlds and characters based on their feelings and expressions. Players can also spend days playing the game without creating a world. Blankos has several gigs, shells, special missions, and games available in the Junction, the game’s landing page. 


The Shelf of the game is the area where gamers can spend SKILL points that they have accumulated and customize the appearance of their Blankos. SKILL points can also be spent to improve skills and reduce waiting time. Players can increase their health or sprint faster by purchasing upgrades. Simultaneously, they can also decrease their respawn time. Any accessories and outfits the players earn or purchase can be placed in this area.

Blankos Block Party Shelf


Coming to gigs, according to this Blankos Block Party Beginners guide, gigs are randomly provided by computer characters in the game. Players can earn Emotes and accessories after completing their gigs. Different gigs can be performed:- 

  • Jump on the poles around the obstacle course.
  • Hit targets from a distance.
  • Find hidden treasures in the town.
  • Manufacture objects that satisfy the demands of the computer character. 

Gigs are an excellent way of practicing the distinctive dynamics of the game before jumping in against other experienced players. 

Blankos Block Party Gigs


Challenges are actions and sub-tasks involved in the game that gamers can complete in return for Hype Points. Challenges include:-

  • 300 knockouts 
  • 1000 double jumps 
  • Finishing a race 
  • Completing block parties

Players can use Hype points to unlock Moola, Gumballs, Blanko Bucks, new accessories, emotes, and more.

Challenges are available for a limited amount of time. There are three types of Challenges: Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal:-

Daily Challenges – Simple challenges that players can complete each day. Completing daily challenges can earn you a limited amount of Hype Points and, in some cases, small rewards.

Weekly Challenges – Weekly Challenges take place over the course of seven days and are more difficult to finish. Finishing these challenges can earn you a moderate amount of Hype Points. You can earn a bigger reward if you complete multiple Weekly Challenges during the week.

Seasonal Challenges – The challenges will change from season to season. These challenges can only be finished once during the season and will give you the highest amount of Hype Points.

Blankos Block Party Challenges

The Party Bus

According to this Blankos Block Party Game guide, the party bus is an interesting feature that can be used to play and find parties and unique games with other players. The Party Bus is a gateway into the customized world other players have designed in the ecosystem. Players who wish to play with certain friends can share their unique codes and enter them under the Party Bus section. After joining a party, several game types will be available for the players to play, and different game modes are discussed below.

Blankos Game Modes

There are 7 game modes available at Blankos, and each mode offers unique features that have been discussed extensively in this Blanko Block Party guide. 

Build Mode 

The Build mode takes players into an open world where they can leverage their design skills with a blocked budget that limits the NFT items used. The Build mode also limits the block’s size. Players can use different props to decorate their world according to their tastes. As the game progresses, the number of props also increases.


The Shooting mode allows players to kill opponents and unlock the Blankos using special skills. 


In the Racing mode, players can battle and fight against other players to complete a track. This can be achieved by following a prescribed route for a particular level. As the players follow the prescribed rates, they encounter several checkpoints that must be crossed. 

Vibes Collecting

Vibes is a character’s stamina, and the collection of vibes decides the ability of a character to use their in-built capacities. Note that the vibes are located in different game parts, and the collection of vibes is allowed within a specific period. 


The Platforming feature is integrated with the other game modes, allowing players to deal with obstacles. Players are allowed to leverage skills and use jumping to navigate across platforms. 


In the Trial mode, players can test-run their video gaming skills before they jump into the real-world game. They can test-race against the timer and determine whether they can climb up the leaderboard. This game mode is an excellent area to improve skills and get better. 


Gumballs were introduced recently and are consumable additions and items to the Blankos accessories and characters. Gumballs allow players to upgrade their character features, such as changing colors, and they can be acquired differently – by using Blanko Bucks/Moola or the Party Pass.

The Party Bus by Blankos Block Party

Buying, Selling, and Collecting NFTs

Players can accept to trade or sell Blanko, and the owner will immediately be transferred to the buyer forever. Here, there are three essential factors to be considered while learning how to earn money in Blankos:- 

  • There is true ownership of characters due to Blockchain technology. Hence, players can be relieved and forget about theft and fraud. 
  • The intrinsic value of the characters depends on their rarity and scarcity. Scarcity will limit the prices of the Blankos collected by the players. 
  • The game’s main protagonist is mass adoption, as there is no way of creating or mining Blankos.

Blankos Block Party Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The project is constantly evolving, introducing improved features and characters.  Too many country restrictions.
 Blankos Block Party supports fiat currency.  Lessar playlist customization options.
 Blankos Block Party is a Free-to-play gaming model.  Spectator mode isn’t available in special events.
 Offers multichannel customer support service.

Tips and Hacks on How to Earn from Blankos Block Party

  • There may be difficulties while playing Blankos, but some of them can be dealt with by enrolling as an Open Beta. During the Open Beta, players must not try to finish the game as it may get reset the moment the game is dispatched. 
  • The daily accomplishments ordinarily reset at 12 AM, and this is the most intelligent approach regarding how you earn in Blankos. 
  • Players can get more ability focuses as they level up and hop into a Quick Play portal to play Party Pass. However, this portal is restricted to Parties only. The Party Bus can be used frequently to search for ticks. 

Blankos Block Party Gumballs

Final Verdict: Join Mythical Games and Play Blankos Block Party Today!

To conclude this Blankos Block Party guide, playing the MMO game certainly brings a thrill where players can connect with their friends and enjoy the game altogether. Every client can explore the different characters and focus on their choice of gameplay or gaming mode, which involves energy gathering and racing features. 

Being a part of one of the most popular gaming companies, Mythical, players can explore the benefits of Web3 in a true gaming experience. Note that they can collect and trade Blankos and even find the most valuable coins available. The game is compatible with Windows and macOS, and players can decide whether to play alone or party with friends for the ultimate adventure. 


Is Blankos Block Party Legal?

The game is legal in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, and France. 

Is Blankos Block Party Free to Play?

Yes, the Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play, play-to-win open-world multiplayer NFT game.

What Platform Will Blankos Block Party Be Available on?

The live version of Blankos Block Party is available on Windows and macOS. 

How to Withdraw Money From Blankos Block Party?

In the event of withdrawing money from Blankos, players will be taken off the Blanko Mythical chain and moved to the ETH wallet, where they can take their NFTs to any other marketplaces on the ETH chain. 

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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