Experts Advice: Cryptojacking Malware Imitates Adobe Flash Updates


Cryptojacking, a practice can be used in order for the computer’s processing power to be mined for other cryptocurrencies without any approval of the owner. In a recent news story, the team of research analysts have explored crypto jacking malware that is hiding itself behind a fake Adobe Flash update. The entire research finding has elaborated further on the subject matter of cyber threat as reported by Unit 42 Research Group on 111th October.

Additionally, the malware strain influences computers to mine Monero (XMR) by enticing users to install an ‘XMRig cryptocurrency miner’ as reported by the threat intelligence team of Palo Alto Networks. With the harmful nature of the new Malware, the team of analysts have designed the crypto jacking malware such that it may pop-up notification from an official Adobe installer. From the legal perspective, computers’ updates with the latest official version of Flash makes the task easier.

Further speaking to the subject matter, Brad Duncan, an analyst of Unit 42 Research Group elaborated the perspective saying that “In most cases, fake Flash updates pushing malware are not very stealthy… [but in this instance, b]ecause of the latest Flash update, a potential victim may not notice anything out of the ordinary.”

o streamline the entire activity in order to ward off the complex situation, the team of Unit 42 supposedly reveals the strain through the search of renowned fraudulent and fake Flash updates using AutoFocus, a Palo Alto Networks intelligence tool.

Based on the insider source, Unit 42 identified all those samples that misleadingly copy and install an actual Flash update since August 2018. With this, Coin miner task executed through Coinhive, a JavaScript Program designed to mine Monero through a web browser.

Amid this, the cybersecurity authority in Iran circulated a report claiming the name of countries having the highest number of incidents of Coinhive infection, namely in Brazil, India, Indonesia, etc.
Let’s not forget that almost 500 percent of crypto jacking malware reports observed in 2018 alone. With this, almost 5 percent of total Monero supply was believed to have used malware as per the valid source!!

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